Summers War: Chronicle, the main market, North Americas service starts

Comes said Summers War: Chronicle (chronicle) will start service in North America, the world’s largest game market from the 10th of the local time.

Comes enhances accessibility to play Chronicle with various devices such as mobile and PCs, and competes in the North American market with differentiated content. The company plans to expand its global service area sequentially based on Korea’s first MMORPG in Western and based on the know-how accumulated in Korea and North America.

It is serviced through local Google Play Store and Apple App Store, as well as hive cross play of global PC platform Steam and Comes Group. Google’s PC game support platform, Google Play Games, also enhances convenience and accessibility and provides a free play environment on various devices.


Chronicle is the first MMORPG built on the global mega hit game summers wars, which has surpassed 160 million downloads worldwide. The collection of various summons and the beauty of strategic deck composition using them are gaining favorable reviews from domestic users in August.

North America is the first title of the IP and the leading global mega hit, Summers War, ranked second in the United States and No. 1 in Canada. Comes expects Chronicle to be recognized as an MMORPG genre in Western and confirm the strength of IP once again.

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