How to get bombs in Harvestella

Treasures and awards are hidden around the world of Harvested, but most of them are hidden behind the destroyed walls. Nevertheless, these walls are stronger than the Wolverine skeleton, unless you have bombs to blow them up and clear the way to this reward locked behind them.

Bombs are not ordinary objects, and you need to create them yourself in Harvested. It is not easy to get a recipe for making bombs, so here, in this manual, we will help you get a bomb recipe, find out how to create bombs and what walls you need to monitor in order to destroy them using bombs.

How to get bombs in Harvested

To learn how to make bombs, you need to get a bomb recipe. The recipe is located after passing the first dungeon. The dungeon is not open to you from the very beginning, you must wait until the dungeon opens for you.


Although there is no specific chapter or dungeon through which you get the bomb recipe, it seems that there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill. As soon as you fulfill these requirements, an event will start that opens up a bomb recipe for you.

The trigger usually takes place in chapter 3 , when your group has aria. Aria is the one who teaches you to make bombs for yourself, and even give you your first bomb for free.

To study the bomb, you need to take the aria to your group, and then go in search of any destroyed wall. Any destroyed wall is suitable for this. Just go to him, and Aria will tell you that you can open it with a bomb.

After that, go to bed, and when you wake up the next day, Aria will give you your first bomb to open the destroyed wall, and the recipe for making bombs. From this moment you can make bombs yourself.

how to make bombs

Creating bombs is very simple. As soon as you get a bomb recipe, you can easily make as many bombs as you want, on your workbench on your farm.

To create a 1x bomb, you need to have 2x natural fiber as well as 2x fiery fruit . If you have both objects for craft, just go to your workbench and create a bomb for yourself.

how to use bombs

Bombs are mainly used to clear the cracked rocks that hide the paths. These destroyed stone walls cannot be opened in Harvested in another way.

Destroyed walls can be easily detected during research. These walls are fragments of gray rocks. Moreover, you can also see a clear luminous indicator in front of the destroyed walls. If you have a bomb in the inventory, just interact with these walls, and your character will automatically install a bomb to blow them up.

Bombs are not so simple. Harvested has different levels of bombs, and you need to use the appropriate level of the bomb for each destroyed wall. As you move, you will encounter more durable destroyed walls, which can only be destroyed by bombs of a higher level.

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