All Manderville weapons in FFXIV

In a recent FFI 6.25 update, Mandeville’s weapon of the 90th level is presented. This is the beginning of the weapon of Mandeville, and it will continue with the new updates of the Saga 6.x. Below we have listed all the weapons of Mandeville, which you can get at FFI.

Full List of Mandeville weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

A complete list of screenshots of Mandeville weapons in the Final Fantasy XIV is given below. Great greetings and gratitude to the FFI and U/SUGARPLUM community, which worked hard to compile this list in this Reddit post. This will be updated as additional stages appear.

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The first stage Mandeville Weapons (ILL 6 15) in FFI


  • Mandeville Gun breaker Relic-thanks to Tweakzzzz
  • Relic of a dark knight from Manderville-thanks to NattyPewwwww
  • Relic of the warrior Manderville-thanks to Thr33_____
  • Paladin Mandeville relic-Thank you Mikeyr0101


  • Relic of the Mandeville sage-thanks to Centennial
  • The relic of the White Magic Mandeville, painted in cherry-pink color-thanks OFAC
  • Relief of astrologer Manderville-thanks to Drizzt42
  • The relic of the scientist Manderville-thanks to Toddler

close battle

  • The relic of the samurai from Mandeville is unknown. If you know who it is, please tell us!
  • Relief of the Mandeville Reaper-thanks to Cogs break
  • Relief of the Mandeville dragoon-thanks to 20200hindsight
  • Ninja Mandeville relic-thanks to Yosemite
  • The relic of the monk from Manderville-thanks to Sonora_no_you

Distant battle:

  • BARDA Mandeville relic-thanks Deepfreeez
  • Relic of the dancer Mandeville, painted in pure white color-thanks to Helen-Kellers_wrath
  • The relic of the driver from Manderville-thanks to Neck_FF14


  • Relic of the cal linger Manderville-thanks to Sayletdet
  • Relic of the Black Mag Manderville-thanks to mini-sorcerers
  • Relief of the Red Magic Manderville-Thank you Cars

To once again look at Mandeville’s relict weapons at the first stage, see this post IMGUR from U/Butter9054. A lot of work has been invested in this!

How to unlock Mandeville weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

In order to unlock the quests Mandeville weapons in FFI, you must fulfill the entire chain of Hildebrand quests, as well as fulfill other necessary conditions.

Buy and complete the tasks of the main script End walker. *
Complete Hildebrand quest-Feature Quest: The Imperfect Gentleman.
Reach level 90 for your chosen work.

Then finish do this Mandeville quest to get your first weapon Mandeville, or perform a repeating quest Make another Mandeville, where you need to get three meteorites of a mandarins for each weapon.

To obtain additional information, read this leadership. How to unlock quests with Mandeville weapons in Final Fantasy XIV.

* To receive additional information about the Final Fantasy XIV, read the control list for updating 6.25 Final Fantasy XIV-all you need to know and how to get the Clockwork Crimson Chaser minion to the Final Fantasy XIV, in the game manuals for professionals. *

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