Lama fed up? FIFA 23 allows you to deactivate jokes and teing of commentators

The new seon h just started for Electronic Arts, which one more year tries to offer us the best games in FIFA 23. Whether you have played football, and if you prefer to enjoy your team in the stadium stands or through television, there are Something that puts us all nerves: The failures committed by soccer players . An occion of a goal that goes to the Gate, a ps committed in its own field, a goal in its own door… There are games in which we shout more for these actions, than when celebrating the successes.


Do you know that in FIFA 23 it is possible to omit the criticisms of the commentators? We will never listen to the good of Anglo Lama to question our favorite player! It is simple going to game settings, navigating to the Audio tab and mark the option that disables them. After doing so, you will stop listening to the clsic teing and jokes after a footballer made an unforgivable mistake.

Starts the match

Today we have published our analysis of the game, in which Fernandez saves, he says, among many other things-the following: FIFA 23 is a continuous game, there is no doubt. And that is partly good, because it recovers the leisurely rhythm of the first months of FIFA 22 (although we fear that patches, always, change this). The title arrives with interesting improvements : The AI in defense is more wp, the new speed system differentiates rapid players, the free throw system and new animations (not many) have finally changed (not many) generate more different situations.

FIFA guide 23: FUT, career mode, chemistry, envelopes…

is tradition every year, in Meditation we have begun to shape Our FIFA 23 guide, in which you can discover how the new chemistry system between players works, know the novelties the way in which now Faults and corners, tips, tricks, types of envelopes in FUT and much more are thrown. During the next few days we will publish different pieces with everything you need to get used to this new installment and raise with the victory in. You can consult it in this link.

FIFA 23 will go on sale next September 30 , although users who have reserved the title can play from this moment. In addition, we remind you that it is possible to enjoy the title completely free for 10 hours thanks to EA Play and Xbox Game Ps Ultimate.

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