Omega Strikers: Is it available in mobiles? So are the studio plans with iOS and Android

Omega Strikers is one of the games of the moment. The study Odyssey Interactive , created by former workers of Riot Games and Respawn , has created a 3VS3 title that mixes a fictional sport with League of Legends . His commitment to certain content creators, and his mastery when reserving a lot of additional content for the coming weeks, they talk about their good work.

But although it is free for PC, through Steam, there are many players who wonder the following: Is Omega Strikers available in mobiles? . It is a very interesting issue and that it makes all the meaning that people wonder. And the truth is that no, it is not yet available on Android and iOS… but there are a couple of issues to specify in this matter.

We will have to wait (very little)


On the official website of the game it is said that the title is available to play with keyboard, control or thumbs; In fact it is commented that the console versions are on the horizon. But what is not interesting is The Mobile Port , something that we might think that it already exists, since on the Omega Strikers website there is an image of the game running on a mobile .

In the FAQ of Omega Strikers, the thing is a bit clearer:Current In 2023. At the moment a dedicated support for Mac or Linux is not planned. _.

We have 3 months margin

Also in the official Twitter account of Omega Strikers (@playomega ) this fact is commented, affecting the soon as the release date of the iOS and Android version of the video game. Taking into account that the output fork is between soon and 2022, We have a total of 3 months to have omega strikers in mobiles .

If we have to venture to it, it would surely be a good time for the launch in eight weeks , at which time all the new characters scheduled at the moment would have been released to be released in the video game. But maybe before, for now we have no additional details.

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