Modern Warfare 2 – How to get 556 icarus and the best build

Beta version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 offers players three options for choosing a category of manual machine guns: 556 Icarus, Rapping H and Skin Mg38. The first weapon, 556 Icarus, refers to the M4 platform and has decent characteristics of mobility, despite the fact that it is LMG. Here is a guide on how to unlock and create your own class for this weapon.

How to unlock 556 Icarus in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

To unlock 556 Icarus LMG in Modern Warfare 2 Beta, you need Improve your M4 assault rifle to the level of 18 . M4 is supplied pre-unlocked, and you can easily equip it in your equipment. Play several matches using the M4 assembly you have chosen until it reaches the level of the 18th level, after which you unlock 556 Icarus as LMG and the version of the M4 platform. You can check the level of weapons and unlock on the Progress tab in the gunsmith.

Best Assembly 556 Icarus Modern Warfare 2

barrel *: FTA cold forge 16-inch trunk
Optical : SZ lone wolf optics
reserve : demo fade pro stock


Subtract *: FSS Shark Plank 90
Rear handle *: Handle TEN

This 556 Icarus set works very well at all distances, but do not expect it to be as mobile as SMG and AR. Starting with the role of the first device, the FTA 16 inches trunk improves the range of weapons and the speed of the bullet due to the aiming rate (ADS). Then the front handle of Shark fin adds aiming stability for a better capture of the target.

Since mobility is crucial for Icarus LMG to compete with other weapons in the game, we used Demo Fade and the rear handle of Men to help with functions such as sprint, ADS and sprint speed to fire. Finally, the SZ Lone wolf sight is equipped with improved visibility. For large-scale terrestrial war modes, such as Invasion, you can replace this optics with SZ Reflex Opportunities for a higher level of scaling.

Best equipment 556 Icarus and class Modern Warfare 2

initial *: 556 Land machine gun Icarus
middle : pistol x12
tactical : Light-shiman grenade
deadly *: Semtex
package of perks
The main advantages : Double Time and Battle Hardened / EOD
Bonus *: Fast hands
Absolute perk : Ghost
Field update : ammunition box

Stay with us in professional game guides to learn more about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In the meantime, read our article about Modern Warfare 2-How to get Eichmann Sub MP5 and the best assemblies.

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