Tokyo Game Show 2022 Closing, Game Industry Eye G -Star 2022

Tokyo Game Show 2022, one of the world’s three major game shows, closed on the 18th. Tokyo Game Show 2022, which was held in Madurai Jesse, Chiba Prefecture, Japan for four days from the 15th, a total of 465 companies including 299 Japanese companies and 166 overseas companies participated.

Three console platforms such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo did not participate in the Tokyo Game Show 2022, but they left a bit of a regret, but major game companies in Japan, including Cap com, Square Enix, INAMI, and Joe Techno, were released for the first time at the Tokyo Game Show at the Tokyo Game Show. He raised the atmosphere of the scene.

Cap com showed a new video of the Daemon Fighter Game Street Fighter 6, and also featured big games such as Biohazard Village VR, Monster Hunter Rise: Sun break, Ex Primal, and Rock man Egg Advance Collection.

Square Enix unveiled the Open World Action Game Posh, which is scheduled to be released next year, and Banzai NAMC is a new one-piece Odyssey commemorating the 25th anniversary of the One Piece, as well as Dragon Ball The Breakers It has introduced many new works using IP.

INAMI exhibited four new works using the Yu-Gi-Oh IP, which is well-known to TCG fans, as well as Super Bomber man R2, Idol Project Shine Post, E Football, and Fantastic Guardian 1 & 2 HD Remaster.

Joe Techno attracted the game users by unveiling Team Ninja’s new action game Varying: Fallen. In addition, he also reported the Atelier Series Riga’s New Atelier 3.

What you will notice at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 is that the number of indie games has increased significantly. A total of 81 indie games appeared in the Tokyo Game Show, including indie games presented by domestic developers such as Shamble, Calla, Desert Driver, Metro Blossom, Bit the Beat and Lonely.

This is an example that did not appear at the Tokyo Game Show before the spread of Corona 19, explaining how much the indie game market has grown in recent years.

According to the game industry, various indie games will be exhibited at G-Star 2022, which will open in November. G-Star’s regret that G-Star’s platform and genre is intensifying recently is expected to be supplemented through indie games.

The point of viewing at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 is that even though it was held offline in three years, it was a great effort to provide visitors using online.

The Tokyo Game Show Secretariat was the second TGS trial, where visitors who could not visit the Tokyo Game Show could enjoy the new game demonstration.

Through this, you can download the demo version for free by selecting the desired platform on the Tokyo Game Show homepage and selecting the game corresponding to the platform. In addition, it provided this free of charge without a separate subscription process, which led the user response.

In addition, the TGS online tour was also held this year. It is a program to access the venue and watch the game demonstration according to the guide. In addition, interviews and questions and answers in charge of each participant company were also briefly conducted, and it was said that it was possible to experience game shows that were deeper than on-site experiences.

This is also noticed in the G-Star 2022, which runs online and online. This is because only the game promotion video is not a one-sided program that streams online, and it is an example of not only the game but also the game show itself.

An official in the game industry said, This year, the Tokyo Game Show was a lot of room for the upcoming G-Star 2022. Especially, the system that used online is not enough in terms of realism.

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