The living room that embodies the ideal of the gamer is a landmark! Report a BENQ booth that responds to everyones I want [TGS2022]

The Tokyo Game Show (TGS2022) is being held from September 15 to 18. This year, BenQ , which develops gaming monitors and gaming projectors, is exhibiting.

The booth specializes in the development of E-Sports equipment Bowie and high-quality, high-quality, smooth images, realize immersive gameplay Möbius . The product is exhibited, and you can try and experience quickly.

The cloth-based mouse pad Bowie G-SR-SE (ROUGE) ** that will be sold from September 21 is also available, so if you are interested, try it.

If you are a gamer, you will dream once a ideal gaming base

What is characteristic in this booth is Ideal Gaming Base = Gaming Environment **. The game experience proposed by each brand is embodied.

What is particularly impressive is the gaming base of a gaming projector that reproduces the living space. People who stopped by the booth were heard about , This is good… and It’s the best game environment .

Check the products of each brand! First such as 48 inches, 360Hz, etc.

Next, we talked to Benny Japan’s product manager Run Yoshihide about the products of each brand.

The new product of the Möbius brand is BenQ’s first 48-inch monitor EX480UZ and 27-inch monitor EX270QM / EX270M EX270QM / EX270M **.

EX480UZ uses Möbius that does not use backlight for the first time OLED panel . It has a very high black reproducibility, and you can experience black that is likely to be swallowed when viewed with the naked eye. In addition to the refresh rate 120H, it supports the response speed of 0.1ms (GTG), and is equipped with a 2.1ch tremolo speaker. Do not compromise is a specification that conveys the feeling.

It is very ideal for RPGs where immersive games are important, but it is also surprising that FPS can be played well.

The terminal is compatible with HDMI 2.1 and Möbius’s first USB-type C (90W power supply) . In addition, it seems to correspond to Pip (Picture in Picture) / POP function, and it is nice to have a large monitor, such as playing games while watching the capture. Is.

When it comes to a 48-inch monitor size, it is expected to be used in a living room that puts a TV, but for those who say, I have a longer time to play games than watching TV or I want to play the game with a high immersion. It can be said to be the best gaming monitor.

Möbius’s new product EX270QM / EX270M is a 27-inch gaming monitor that supports 240Hz refresh rate . Each resolution is different, EX270QM is WQHD resolution , and EX270M is full HD resolution .


Möbius’s first 240Hz refresh rate compatible and 27-inch nonnuclear IPS panel, so gamer ** that does not want to compromise on e-sports scenes and everyday scenes is a must-see new product.

From the BOWIE brand, the gaming monitor XL2566K for 360Hz is finally here. Many people say, I was waiting for this!

XL2566K is a Bowie flagship model. It is equipped with a 24.5-inch TN panel that supports Bowie’s first refresh rate 360Hz, realizing a smooth visibility that is described as different dimension slimy . Because it is optimized for the professional scene, it is likely that you will see it in future e-sport events and tournaments.

Next, in the exhibition space of the gaming projector, pay attention to X3000i and TK700I . Both are 4K gaming projectors with low input delay . With a 100-inch projection, you can enjoy a powerful game experience, and you can not enjoy the game experience of gathering with families and friends.

For gamers, input delay can be a great stress when you feel a little. Especially in battle-type games and rhythm games with severe timing, delays are an indispensable function for gamers.

There is no need to darken the room because of the high brightness of 3000ansi lumen. Actually, I was able to see the game screen firmly even in a relatively bright TGS booth.

The X3000i used in the living space is a higher-end model than the TK700I. Other companies are not published much, but the color gamut is 100%DCI-P3’s cover rate with a very high color reproducibility, and even if it is a gradation, it looks beautiful. This part is a sign of BenQ’s confidence.

In addition, regular projectors are not suitable for using games because they have slow starting time, cannot be used for a long time due to fever, and frequently replaced lamps. However, because the light source of this unit is LED, it achieves high-speed startup, low fever, and long life. Even if you use it for 4 hours every day, it will have a few years.

A rental campaign to commemorate the exhibition of TGS is being held, so if you want to use a gaming projector, first try rental and try to fit your home. Please check the release page for details of the campaign.

There is a product that suits you! BenQ product lineup

This time, I felt that I went around the BenQ booth that the product that I thought was ** for any gamer is a lineup.

For example, for those who want to use a gaming monitor at work or want to use it every day, if you do not allow compromise, Bowie for those who want to use it in a professional scene or want to focus on winning or losing. EX270QM / EX270M comes into the option.

In addition, for those who want to play games on a large screen in the living room, 48 inches and gaming projectors are available. If you focus on PC games, you should choose EX480UZ, and if you want to play with your family or friends, or play mainly home game consoles, you should choose TK700I for the gaming projector X3000i.

With this interview, I felt that the BenQ brand was the Gamer’s ideal of the gamer’s I want this gaming environment by the product lineup that was close to the gamer.

Tokyo Game Show (TGS2022) is being held from September 15 to 18. The BenQ booth is 2nd hole 2-C03 . If you are worried about new products and ideal living rooms, check it out.

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