Dungeon exploration & management SLG Emmas Weapon Shop where sisters struggle with debt repayment, but the collection and reinforcement elements that can be enjoyed casually are attractive [explosion repo]

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAMESpark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Play Report * to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver the content of the raw about Emma’s Weapon Shop released to PC (Steam) from GameProject_n & T on September 10, 2022.

What is Emma’s Weapon Shop?

A management simulation that defeats monsters by searching for dungeons and sells money by selling items brought back. This is a work where Emma and Car’s sisters struggle to pay off the debt left by their father who suddenly disappeared.

Emma gets items by defeating the monster in the dungeon. You can sell items as they are or to create by combining two items. The created items can be sold more expensive than the original, but can also be equipped with Emma as powerful weapons and armor.

The purpose of the game clear is to earn 10 million g and pay off debt. To do so, we need to release a newly searched dungeon and collect more valuable items.

Approach the actual content of Emma’s Weapon Shop!

The game begins with a scene where sister receives a letter from an unknown father for a week. The content of the letter is that the family has 10 million g of debt, the debt to get the right to buy a dungeon, and that the family’s shop is collateral for debt. It is.

Suddenly, Car, Car, is at a loss. Emma will make money in the training learned from her father to protect her sister and protect the shop she inherited from her mother. Creating techniques create expensive items by synthesizing two materials. Emma goes to the dungeon to collect her material.

The first Cave of the Beginning is a dungeon where slime and curse dolls are waiting for. The battle of this work is an auto-progress, and Emma and Monsters are alternately attacked. If you defeat the enemy, you will drop the item, so take it home safely. By the way, Car is answering at the store, but she doesn’t sell at first, so she’s blurred. Cute.

It’s the first dungeon to be the first dungeon, or even EMA that is wearing. Each dungeon has a degree of progress, and it seems that the boss of the dungeon is waiting by defeating a certain amount of the enemy. The boss of the Beginning Cave is also murder gorilla . With the threat of the murder gorilla, Emma was reduced to HP1 and became a big pinch. She immediately pressed the Return button to return.

If you think about it, Car first said, We are ordinary girls, and we can’t use magic!? She doesn’t feel like she can win from her name in the first place. Murder gorilla.

For ordinary girls to fight gorillas

Emma has survived a miracle from the first dungeon search. The items brought back from the dungeon are automatically lined up on the shelves of the store. The store can be switched/closed at any time, and when the store is opened, car automatically sells from the order in the shelves. Items that you do not want to sell can be transferred to storage shelves or replaced in the order of selling.

Emma brought back from the dungeon for stones and slime fluids, but it is worth it doesn’t make much money. Therefore, it is necessary to create these items to be more valuable. The training is performed by dragging and dropping items with the mouse in a dedicated mode.

Items created in the formation may be several times worth the original material. In addition, depending on the combination, it becomes equipment such as swords and armor, which greatly supports Emma’s adventure. By the way, the combination of items that can be created is decided, and you can always check from the recipe book.

Emma raises the status when the level goes up in battle. Status attack and defense can be supplemented with equipment, but HP depends greatly on the level. In addition, it is very important that the HP will be complete in this work without HP recovery during the dungeon search. Look at the required experience values, NBA 2K make good use of them and challenge the boss battle in a thorough state.

In order to beat the gorilla, I repeated the dungeon search many times and raised the level and prepared swords, clothes, and accessories. By the way, the production is durable, and it is broken by a certain number of battles. Equipment can be replaced at any time during battle, so be careful not to have a weapon in the important boss battle.

In this way, her trial and error, ordinary girl Emma finally won the murder gorilla. The boss drops materials that can make powerful equipment in the formation.

Let’s make money with a dungeon capture with strong enemies!

Dungeon capture is also important, but this work is to make money. You must pay a daily rent to maintain the store as well as repay the debt of 10 million g. The rent gradually increases as the game time progresses. Of course, the reason for debt is the right to buy a dungeon, so you need money to unlock a new dungeon.

The only way to get money in this work is to sell items at the store. It has already been stated that it is important to create money to make money, but there is still a limit in early dungeons. The value of the item is worth a difficult dungeon, but it is essential to strengthen Emma to defeat the enemy and bring it home.

Emma cannot use the skills in battle, so in order to beat the strong enemy, the status must be higher than the opponent. This work is basically you can win with items that can be made up to the dungeon. If you can’t beat the enemy, check the recipe book and scrutinize the equipment that can be made. By the way, you can also have two weapons in the two places on the arm part.

In addition, there are four attributes in the game, No, flame, grass, and water, except for non-attributes, each has a relationship of 3 freezing. The attribute is designed to be naturally learned in the relationship between the dungeons that unlocks. There are events such as grass attributes that sell in double in the shop, so it is a detailed technique to keep attribute items that can be sold at a high price.

Sister’s debt life, such as rent that is increasing every moment and dungeon with strong enemies, is a series of hardships. However, the management of the shop does not stumble if there is a sale, and there are events that can sometimes pick up money and items, so basically the difficulty is not so difficult. It is a work that you can enjoy casually.

Emma’s weapon shop has been introduced so far. You can casually enjoy a kind of royal road game design, fight against enemies and collect items → strengthen equipment → challenge stronger enemies. Characters are also attractive, such as the cuteness of dot painting and the conversation of sisters.

However, it is not abundant in terms of volume, and it is not a type of game that can be used for search and training. In addition, if the number of items increases on the UI screen such as the training, it is a little worrisome. Because it is an easy-to-play and attractive work, I am glad if the details that lead to the characteristics of the game will be improved.

Emma’s Weapon Shop is being distributed to PC (Steam).

Title: Emma’s weapon shop
Compatible models: PC (Steam)
Play model in the article: PC (Steam)
Release date: September 10, 2022
Author play time at the time of writing: 5 hours
Price: 1,210 yen

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