Steelrising: how to win an unstable intelligence officer

An unstable scout can have a threatening look, but it is quite easy to win if you know exactly how to handle it. To help you figure it out, we have prepared this leadership in which we will show you how to defeat an unstable intelligence officer, one of the mini-bosses in Steel rising.

how to defeat an unstable intelligence officer in Steel rising

You will encounter an unstable scout in the underground cave during the passage of Steel rising. As soon as you approach an unstable scout, he will begin to attack you. But while he runs to you, you will quickly understand his greatest weakness-his movement speed .

Despite the frightening appearance, an unstable scout is not such a strong boss because of his surprisingly low speed of movement. And in addition to his slow speed of movement, an unstable scout also does not have distant attacks.

This means that all that you need to do to defeat an unstable intelligence officer is to stay from him at some distance and spit with distant attacks. This will allow you to easily remove about half of his health without getting any damage.

Another weakness of Unstable Scout is its vulnerability to freeze Rebuff . So, if your long-range weapon can cause freezing, an unstable scout will freeze after several shots.

This will give you a great opportunity to apply several hand-to-hand attacks on it. But it is worth noting that as soon as the Freeze Rebuff passes, Unstable Scout rises surprisingly quickly.

This can take you by surprise, so monitor the indicator of freezing over his health strip to see how much time you have to attack him.

As soon as you reduce his health to about the middle, he will find a new attack in which he uses his head to strike with rotation. While he turns his head, he moves much faster than usual, so be prepared to dodge.

After the Unstable Scout will try this attack, he will return to his usual set of movements. So all you need to do is just continue to spam with your weapons of long-range fighting, and then strike close combat when it freezes. Thus, Unstable Scout will collapse in the blink of an eye.

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