Remis just a minor matter! Not a winner in the rumor video game OGC Nizza vs. 1. FC Köln

It began as a large celebration at the Côte d’Azur, then a dark shadow followed up poor riots in the arena and at the end 1. FC Cologne missed out on the should have triumph at the beginning of the Conference League through a regrettable fine.

The very first team game of 1. FC Cologne in the European Mug in practically five years has actually ended up being a psychological roller rollercoaster ride. Eventually, the team of the coach Steffen Rampart sitting in the stands had actually to be pleased with a 1-1 (1-0) at the OGCN ice in spite of long.

18 wounded

A lot more challenging than the disappointment over the missed out on success evaluated the impressions of the extreme troubles before the initial meeting League group video game. In the occasion of an additional event, however, the game would certainly be canceled immediately, the UEFA claimed.

The video game will have a monetary and psychological aftermath for the FC due to the fact that of the troubles. 7900 of our 8000 followers behaved leading, as well as Nice was not a lot even more than a few loads fully charts.

Steffen Tinges, who originated from Dortmund in the summer, had actually looked after the team of the veteran Bundesliga trainer Lucien Favre with his very first competitive objective for the Cologne (19th). Pizza managed to match (62nd) with a hallmark of Andy Deport. Time Huber had obtained the ball versus his arm in a free kick in the wall surface.

guy falls from grandstand

He defined the process as follows: My level of information is that first hooligans from Wonderful entered our fan block. Hooligans from our fan block are from our fan block, which are to come largely from Paris and also were camouflaged as Cologne and also of program a pair from Fragrance. You have to discover individuals who did it and also issue them without any compromise as well as with complete firmness. You are never permitted ahead back to the stadium, at the very least not to the Cologne. Several FC fans sang throughout the riots: We are Perfume and also not her.

Amateur video clips of fans showed exactly how an advocate of the stands dropped in the center rank when he intended to avoid a firework. According to the cops’ prefecture, it was an advocate from Paris, to which FC ultras preserve a follower friendship. An additional is stated to have been attacked with a knife. It shows that what happened here is perverted, claimed Keller.


attract the trailers

At midday, thousands of FC fans had relocated via the city as well as had actually commemorated the return of their club to the European Cup with carnival hits and a big relocation. Pizza’s mayor Christian Estrous was upset regarding the tradition as well as the habits of FC supporters.

Cologne’s captain Jonas Hector and also Pizza’s captain Dante contended before their fan blocks with microphones. We wished to celebrate a football event with you. We still intend to play, however obviously we can not accept of that, said Hector: We opened our butt to get approved for the Meeting Organization, as well as intend to do that here additionally play. Please take an appearance, we wish to commemorate football right here as well as have no violence.

Amateur video clips of followers showed just how a fan of the stands fell in the center rank when he desired to prevent a firework. According to the cops’ prefecture, it was a supporter from Paris, to which FC ultras keep a follower friendship. He described the process as complies with: My degree of info is that first hooligans from Good entered our fan block. Numerous FC fans sang during the troubles: We are Perfume and not her.

I are sorry for the rude as well as opprobrious behavior of the Cologne followers as well as the disrespect for the city, which it gets generously and fraternally, he tweeted with images of waste stays in the city. We will certainly send the invoices for damages and also cleansing public areas to the Cologne Organization, he announced.

Fragrance’s captain Jonas Hector and also Pizza’s captain Dante completed in front of their fan obstructs with microphones.

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