Hwan Tower Tower of Fantasy, the first new frig added

Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’, which is serviced by Perfect World Games, has updated the new replica character ‘Free’ on the 1st.


Frig is a trademark character with a strong red hair, and it is the belief that ‘if you are bound by form’, it is not advanced. The weapon ‘feet’ is swung to cut the space, create an ice plate, and show a more sleek body movement on the created ice.

By the 21st, you can use the red core in Angel Road, you can get a limited replica ‘frig’ or a limited weapon ‘Age of Struggle’. Item is available. In addition, in the age of struggle until the 15th, ‘Stargate’, ‘Orientiing’, ‘2 Person Mega Ring’, and the stone is obtained, and the limited machine ‘Machine Bird’ and Red Core are abundant rewards such as ‘Machine Bird’ and Red Core at the event store. You can receive it.

Meanwhile, Tower of Fantasy has been ranked No. 1 in the free game rankings of the Apple App Store since its global launch on August 11, and quickly exceeded 10 million users around the world. The new users who have access to the game can receive a lot of rewards such as limited biccle and 20 consecutive draws, and can also obtain SSR weapons selection boxes by participating in the open commemorative event.

For more information about the Tower of Fantasy, please visit the official website and the official Naver game lounge.

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