Artifacts in Tower of Fantasy: These are the best to progress in your adventure

If you were waiting for the launch of Tower of Fantasy, you should have started your adventure. You have reached the Aida planet and you are willing to eat the world… but progress is not always easy. Then I show you 5+1 artifacts Ideals that will help you advance your adventure.

Tower of Fantasy: 5 very useful artifacts

Artifacts are special devices that will help you throughout the adventure. Everyone has a special use or ability and you can improve them whenever you have what you need. The improvements are stars.

Propulsors: To fly!

Do Genshin Impact’s wings sound to you? Well, in Tower of Fantasy they are propellants. They have a very similar operation. In principle it consumes resistance or Stamina, but it is a disadvantage that will disappear with improvements.

Activation of 1 star: * 1 load every 100 seconds and slide does not consume Stamina.
2-star activation: When sliding time is more than 3 seconds you get a strong impulse. When used against an enemy, he suffers stunning for 2 seconds. Ideal to open fighting.
3-star activation: Restore 1 load every 60 seconds.
4-star activation: * Reduce physical damage 1.5% (the effect does not apply to PVP).
5 star activation: * It can be used up to 3 times.

Speak Jet: Time to surf!

It is a skateboard that levita to the Back to the future that allows you to quickly move on the water, is already in rivers or seas. And shoot missiles!

Activation of 1 star: * Increases the number of missiles launched per second.
2-star activation: Recharge time is reduced 60 seconds.
3-star activation: Increases collision damage by 100%.
4-star activation: * Increases ice damage by 1.5% (the effect does not apply to PVP).
5 star activation: * You are immune to control states while you are on the skateboard. Stun the enemies for 5 seconds and recharge time is reduced 30 seconds.

Original shield: Suffering damage is for rookies

This artifact has no mystery: you create a shield that protects you from bullet penetration and increase your maximum health by 200%. It has a 90 second cooling.

Activation of 1 star: * If an enemy crosses the shield, its movements are reduced by 5% for 2 seconds.
2-star activation: Reuse time is reduced 60 seconds.
3-star activation: Duration increases 20 seconds.
4 stars activation: * Reduce 2% ice damage (this effect does not apply to PVP).
5 stars activation: * Allies obtain a 25% damage increase by crossing the shield for 7 seconds.

Quantum layer: Use it well

With this layer you can enter the quantum field, causing enemies not to see you for 10 seconds. The effect is canceled when attacking. It has a cooling time of 120 seconds. Ideal to open fighting.

Activation of 1 star: * The effect duration increases 20 seconds.
2-star activation: Cooling is reduced to 80 seconds
Activation 3 stars: The attack in quantum state increases 100%.
4-star activation: * Increases electro damage by 1.5% (the effect does not apply to PVP).
Activation 5 stars: * After launching 3 attacks in a quantum state, the damage increases 100%.

Death suppressor: I have left it to a touch

It generates a space in which you cannot die for a limited time. Your life will not come out of 20%. It has a reuse of 90 seconds. If you leave the area, you lose the effect and you will have to wait 45 seconds of additional cooling.

Activation of 1 star: * After 8 seconds, your health is reset 15%.
2-star activation: While you are in space, you get a lifetime theft effect of 25%.
3-star activation: You are immune for control purposes.
4-star activation: * Increases ice damage by 2% (the effect does not apply to PVP)
5 star activation: * If you have less than 40% health when the area appears, the effects of theft of life double while it is active.

Bonus: V-Mecha: destruction, chaos and more destruction

Third an armed robot for 30 seconds. Projectile shoots that cause 44.4% attack damage. It has a reuse time of 300 seconds.

1 star activation: * You are immune to fire damage and control while driving the robot.
2-star activation: * You get the ability to shoot cannon balls.
Launches 6 cannon balls that causes 152.2% attack damage.

3-star activation: * Add burn effect to your attacks.
4 stars activation: * Increases fire damage by 2% (the effect does not apply to PVP).

* 5 star activation: You get the flame field skill, which releases flames in the area, causing up to 1146.8% attack and burn damage.

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