Captain Square mini-game manual in the scenario of the distant future-Live A Live

Captain Square is a step-by-step tactical role-playing mini-game in the Live A Live’s Distant Future script. It has nine stages-one for each planet of the solar system-with unique enemies that you need to win. Without a memory card, you will not be able to maintain your progress and you will be forced to return to the level of Mercury if you lose.

Although it is like battles in Imperial China, it rewards more patient, less aggressive and analytical players. This is how to win it.

where to find a memory card in Live A Live

If you want to save the game while playing Captain Square, you will need a memory card. The only memory card on the ship can be found in the Kirka room, which you can access later on the plot.

How to go through the Captain Square Mini-torte in Live A Live

Below are techniques that you will often use in Captain Square:

Plasma charge *: restores endurance, improves characteristics (including attack, defense and speed)
Cosmofag (short charging time): shoots nine bullets at the enemy at a distance of at least three cells, inflicts average damage
Pion bomb (for a long time of charging): Vertical attack with three tiles, causes moderate damage

Each stage needs its own strategy. In this leadership, we will teach you best to overcome them all.


* enemies: clicks

This stage is light and understandable. Just fight, as usual. In fact, we strongly recommend using this stage to test all the abilities of the Captain Square.


* Enemies: Hedbert

Hadberts have few HP, but they have two very annoying features: their attacks can sometimes cancel the charging of attack as well as their range of attacks is three cells . The easiest way to defeat them is to improve their characteristics using Plasma Charge and attack with Spacephage.


* Enemies: Fiery whirlwind, water tornado

Go to one of the ranges of the attack of the right water tornado (which is three tiles) so that it can use its AOE water and flood the area. Water will kill the only fiery vortex on the field. Then blow up the pion bombs of the remaining water tornadoes.


* Enemies: Teil Broodmother (Leader), Teil Pup

While TalezDelive_ there is a skill of automatic treatment, treatment goes with debuffs. If you are lucky, you can even get paralysis or poison for free. AI TEIL Broodmother also automatically **** sacrifices his health in his move if the puppies are on the verge of death. While you defeat your mother Tyle, you will clean the scene.

To defeat Mother Tyle, copy the position in the screenshot above. Then use plasma charge then Pion bomb reduce HP all enemies. This should make them use these terrible healing skills. Complete the case with another pional bomb or cosmophage. If you have 25% of health left, do not hesitate to use another plasma charge to restore your endurance.


* Enemies: Cossack-Roller

Cossudes-Rollers are cunning enemies. They have one destructive lightning attack, aimed at two parallel horizontal lines. The attack leaves Tiles with lightning . If you are on a cage with a zipper, it inflicts the average damage to the captain Square every time when the co-wing-grinder connected to a cage with the lightning on which you are, makes a move. If you are not careful, you can only be defeated by passive damage from lightning.

Do not worry! This is cheese. Copy the position in the screenshot above. Use plasma charge and then a bunch of pion bombs. Move to the left to grab other enemies. Cossacks, which get to this second to the bottom row mog use their attack, but by that time it will be too late. In the end, they can move only one tile in the course!


* Enemies: hemparapage

The hemparapets have destructive autocontra, but they are incredibly weak. Use the charge of plasma and attack them with powerful techniques, such as the peon bomb and quarter sword to defeat them as quickly as possible. They cannot counterattack if they are dead.


* Enemies: El Mirage (Leader), Pimil

The trick to win at this stage is to pay attention to turning indicators belonging to Pimils . If they are red (see the screenshot above), this means that they are going to use AOE lightning attack, which damages everything within two cells in all directions. It charges the tiles into which it falls with lightning. So, as in the stage of the Cosmotoroller, you can be defeated by passive damage from lightning if you are not careful.

How to win Pimila:

  1. Use plasma charge for buffs. Do not forget to use Plasma Charge whenever the buffs are erased.
  2. With the Plasma Charge Pymil buffs, you can win using two attacks of cosmophages . Since the cosmophage is quickly charged, you can make both attacks before Pimyil releases his own. Every time you see this red sensor on Pymil, you need to defeat it as soon as possible. At the same time, only one pimil is charged.
  3. Do not forget to move to a safe place (something through three tiles ), if you think that you cannot win the attacking pimil in time.

As soon as you defeat most Pimilov, El Mirage will begin to pursue you. Never get close to him. El-Mirazh can defeat the captain of the square with one attack. Most of your attacks will not work in any case, despite the fact that you have only four HP.

Instead, use supernova two tiles from it. Passive fiery damage, which he will receive from a burning title caused by Supernova, will be more than enough to kill him. It can move only one tile, so you should be safe until the next move.



* Enemies: Lala (leader), Lala

Firstly, special attacks on these things do not work, so use only tachy sword as well as rotating star defeat them. Lala has one HP, and Lala has two, so they will be defeated from one or two blows.

Just like the Pymil, Pay attention as a star charging is ready for attack. This is because their ability, Starburst, is deadly with a range of three tiles. You do not want to be amazed at this.

Pluto-The final stage

* enemies: in peas

Remember that annoying enemy on Venus with an impaired radius of action and attacks that you can interrupt? Pluto has twelve of them much stronger. It looks frightening, but the scene is quite simple, if you do not overdo it.

  1. Since they can interrupt attacks, just do not use techniques with a long charge time, such as a peon bomb.
  2. If they have such a long range of attacks, then just attack with even more distant tile using cosmofag to limit the number of pea points that can cause damage. Spacephage is quickly charging, so everything is in order!

Use plasma charge and use all the buffs that it gives. Do not forget to strengthen yourself every three moves.

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