The sexy weapon girl Hakusura, the demonstration version is thriving. Mecha ACT distribution date is decided to be played up to 4 people. Master Chief launches a launcher in the real world [Weekly Spaan 7/15 ~]

From July 15, 2022 (Fri) to July 21, 2022 (Thursday), GAMESpark’s top 5 articles read this week Gem Spa Ranking , abbreviated. It is time for Weekly Spaan *. It is also recommended for those who want to review for a week and want to know quickly because they are busy!

5th place-New Mecha ACT VOIDCRISIS distribution date announcement

Hexadon has announced that the new tower offense mechanical action VOIDCRISIS will start on August 4th.

This work is a strategic action game that can play parties with up to four players. It has a tower offense that is not a tower defense, and operates the combat bodily aircraft VA (Vital Armor) and approaches the VOIDCRISIS in a series of time cracks that occurred in Jupiter’s satellite Calisto. increase.

In the battle, there are a large number of enemies that are strengthened over time. It features a three-dimensional stage with a height difference, and it seems that not only the operating technique of the aircraft, but also the high space grasp ability, strategy, and cooperation within the party seem to be the key to clearing.

In addition, the graphic of this work implements Dynamic Mechanical Art Shader , which reproduces the essence of the robot plastic model CG box art on the game, so you can enjoy various beautiful scenes just like a box art.

VOIDCRISIS will be distributed on August 4 for 2,480 yen (tax included) for PC (Steam). Early access is scheduled for 2-3 months.

Tower Offense Mecha ACT VOIDCRISIS early access distribution decision on August 4! Challenge a high difficulty battle with up to 4 people

4th place-Master Chief of HALO fires a rocket launcher in the real world

In the real world, the video of the master chief of Halo fires the rocket launcher M41 SPNKR is attracting a hot topic.

This video released on July 10 is the YouTuber’s IMPACT PROP, which publish various images in the master chief, and JAIRUS OF ALL, which actually produces weapons that appear in games and movies. This was realized with the cooperation of Columbia War Machine, which introduces various firearm videos.

In the video, the scene of launching a launcher toward the lake is also released along with the introduction of the shooting scenery. In the latter half of the video, you can also see the shooting of the launcher on the vehicle. The production process of the M41 SPNKR used this time is published in the playlist of Jairus of All.

The live-action cosplay video in which Master Chief fires a rocket launcher in the real world is a hot topic

3rd place-1 million sold Comedy ADV official release *

The House Party for adult comedy venture games, which had been distributed early in access from June 30, 2017, was officially released on July 16, 2022.

The player will participate in a party held at a friend’s house and survive the night, surrounded by unique participants. Also, depending on the liking with the NPC, it seems that a good friend, regardless of gender, can be in a better relationship, and if you are hated, you may fall into a hostile situation. In addition, all objects in the house have a purpose and can use hundreds of items.


In addition, the version 1.0 makes it possible for women to be selected as players. In addition to pursuing romantic options such as gay, bisexual, lesbian, there are also different reactions, conversations, and romance scenes for female protagonists.

The official release of the comedy ADV for adults who sold 1 million in 5 years early access period

2nd place-Domori Like Open World Survival RPG [Special Repo]

The corner of the Single STEAM Play Ref, which picks up and introduces one week from the freshly introduced Steam attention title.

This time, we introduced the open world survival RPG Dinkum set in an Australian-like land. This work is a work that combines Stardew Valley and Minecraft based on Atsuga’s Animal Craft. Only one developer James Bendon has begun early access on July 14, 2022, and has been close attention to the fact that the number of simultaneous connections at the time of writing has recorded more than 5,000 people.

Detailed contents such as character creations, game systems, open worlds, etc. are introduced in the original article, so please take a look!

Animal Crossing Like the Like Open World Survival RPG DINKUM is now hot! An uninhabited island life starting from zero in the land of Australia [Special repo]

1st place- Sexy Hakusura ACT SHRED & TEAR Demo version is prosperous

The development status of the belt scroll-type hack and slash action SHRED & TEAR: EXPLOSIVE KAJUN, which is scheduled to be released on Steam in the middle of 2023, has been reported on Steam (images for linked prices Please be careful because it is included).

This work is an action game for hack and slash single players, where the heroine Kajun, which has been remodeled as a mass murder weapon, fights to protect the earth from the alien empire Teabag. According to the published development blog, the demonstration version of this work was downloaded more than 26,000 in June, and more than 20,000 users added it to Wish List.

Regarding the game part, the α Demo version will be released at the end of the year, as well as the difficulty level for hardcore and casual gamers, target (lock-on) system and mini-game for a little gentleman will be added. It seems to be. The blog also responds to feedback and articles from Japan, including GAME*Spark.

Scheduled to be equipped with a mini game for gentlemen… Sexy Hakusura ACT SHRED & TEAR reactions to feedback from Japan

The most read this week is the article of SHRED & TEAR: EXPLOSIVE KAJUN, which is popular with gentleman users! Sexy weapon girl…

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