Radical melee dealer Rapier appeared in Lineage 2M.

NCsoft unveiled a new class Rapier on Lineage 2M on the 20th.

Rapier is a rushing short-range dealer class that quickly penetrates and escapes into the enemy camp. ▲ ‘Sting’, which gives fast and continuous stabbing and debuff effects ▲ ‘Paring Arrow’ that reflects ranged attacks ▲ ‘Blink’, which rushes to the enemy, deals damage and returns to its place when reuse. You can use ‘Companion’.

Lineage 2M will hold nine events to commemorate the update. You can buy two special packages of Weekend Edition by consuming the certificate of game goods adena and trust. When you open the package, you will receive the best class/Agassion acquisition, the potion of advanced awakening, and the skill bonus coin.

In addition to this, ▲ strengthening the event equipment and exchanging various rewards and reinforcing the ghost equipment! ▲ Event Dungeon ‘Land of Growth’, which provides a lot of experience and goods, ▲ ‘Incense incense route of shining resolution’ that obtain additional rewards through clan contents ▲ attendance rewards and push mail.

The update plan was also announced in the future. ▲ New Youngji Inna Drill ▲ No play ▲ Demon Island Boss Jacken reorganization will be introduced sequentially.


For more information, please visit the Lineage 2M official website.

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