Underlook Hospital Two Point

Players on Two Points Hospital are responsible for the construction and management of an extensive network of hospitals in the fictional district of Two Points. Underlook Hotel is the first hospital in the World 6 of Two Point Hospital, which requires DLC Bigfoot.

The Underlook Hotel suffers from failures and poor management, which leads to accidents, outbreaks of diseases and dissatisfied visitors. The owner set the budget for emergency medical care to restore the hotel’s reputation and prevent further trials. Players on Two Point Hospital will manage a completely new resort medical center.

To unlock the Underlook Hotel, you must pass HogSport, the first level of the game, with one star in order. You will be sent a letter with an invitation to Underlook. If you cannot remember where you are, this is in the far north of the map.

The best layout of the Two Point Hospital for the Underlook Hotel

During the game on Two Point Hospital, your Underlook hotel layout should be perfect to avoid crowded corridors, long queues and announcements about the expiration of the patient’s life. Here are a few recommendations on the layout that you can use to create the ideal design of the hospital:

  • Try to ensure that your room is as low as possible. In the end, the organization of office buildings in most hospitals can become a problem if a certain room takes up too much space. Therefore, it is better for you to adhere to the minimum size for most rooms and use additional space for something else to avoid unnecessary difficulties.

* Equip the rooms for staff and toilets in every large building of the hospital so that the staff does not have to travel a lot.
* Try to make your wards as much as possible. Do more, because many additional tasks require you can cure from 5 to 10 patients in your department.
* Design each building in accordance with a specific purpose.
* Try to build several medical centers
* Maximize the effectiveness of your training rooms and never save in a general practice office.
* Make sure your halls and corridors are spacious and well equipped, and do not forget about entertainment.

tasks Underlook Hotel Star

1-star hospital:

  • The minimum requirement for a hospital with 1 star is to cure 60 patients and have a 65%hospital reputation. The completion of 3 marketing campaigns is also one of the requirements.
  • Award for receiving 1 star is $ 10,000 or 100 kudosh.

2-star hospital:

  • Requirements for receiving 2 stars-cure at least 100 patients and complete 5 marketing campaigns. Another requirement is to get a dog booth of the 5th level.
  • Reward-$ 20,000 or 150 kudosh.

3-star hospital:

  • To receive 3 stars, the hospital should cure 200 patients with a reputation of 95%. The completion of 8 marketing campaigns and the morale of the staff 80%is also required.
  • Awards for receiving 3 stars include a bonus of $ 30,000 or 200 kudosh.

Hotel Hotel Teachers Underlook

The first and most important advice is to hire their employees as much as possible to instruct other employees to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Personnel can undergo training to adopt new talents from other employees. By choosing the training option in the menu that appears after choosing the symbol of the room in the lower left corner of the screen, players can build a new room in the hospital.

However, its creation will cost gamers $ 7,000. No matter how much space it may be, it works as long as players can get to the department.

To access the screen where you can choose a training course, click on the podium (department). From here, players can choose a course for their employees, after which they must choose students and instructor for the course.

There are also modifiers of learning that affect the time of training. Another variable is the speed of learning, meaning that some students learn faster than others.

The qualification of the Master class of the teacher provides +50% to the speed of teaching and the speed of training. In addition, there are fast learning features that also give + 50% bonus to the speed of training.

Hospital Underlook: how to manage the moral spirit of staff

After you hired an employee and taught its basics, you will need to build objects that will satisfy him. They will be more satisfied if there is a reasonable policy of interruptions, accessible places for relaxation with a sufficient number of supplies and opportunities for training, supported by increasing wages and clean rooms.

Try to create prestige chambers by adding decor, mattresses, toilets and windows, and make sure that there are high-quality machines with food and drinks nearby or in procedural offices. Both the temperature in the hospital and the aesthetic attractiveness should be taken into account.

If you combine these two factors, you will have satisfied employees who earn a lot of money, quickly treat patients and reach the elusive three-star ranking of the hospital.

Passage of the hotel Underlook


The main goal of this hospital is to increase its reputation and conduct marketing campaigns in the treatment of patients. In this hospital, you earn money, achieving your goals, and the key to staying afloat is a high level of cure that provides the coating of all your accounts.

You can always reject the target if it is too complicated, but you will lose 15 reputation. Look at the list below if you are lost. The first events at Underlook Hotel are as follows:

  • Find the janitor with the character of the mechanic and update the mixer in the pharmacy. In the beginning you always have many people who need a pharmacy.
  • Build a training room.
  • Follow employees with certificates Treatment II, VOP II or Diagnosis II, and use them to transfer skills to other employees.


Start small and work on achieving the initial goals; In the end, you will receive the instruments necessary for the treatment of patients with barking madness. Build a dog booth and hire or train a nurse with the talent treatment. To earn encouragement, you must train two nurses in any case.

You will start with the usual chamber and the fracture ward. You need to follow them and make improvements when possible. You can also raise his prestige and make the nurse have easy access to food, drinks and a staff room. The chambers identify and treat most diseases that you often encounter in our hospital. Provide the training of employees as soon as you have such an opportunity.

If you do not have a DNA laboratory, Mega Scan or other high-level diagnostic rooms, by the time you reach the first star, your indicator of the effectiveness of treatment will begin to suffer, and you will begin to lose money. I advise you to buy a second site for your procedural offices and use the first site only for diagnostic rooms.

General advice

  • Bad reviews can damage your reputation, so make sure your hospital is in excellent condition. The problem should be solved by hiring a sufficient number of wipers and providing enough plants and garbage tanks.
  • Use your staff as often as possible to instruct other employees to reduce wasteful expenses.
  • You may have a temptation to accept offers to build any room and cure all diseases, but remaining true to your goals, you will quickly pass this level. A good marketing assistant, a nurse who can cure Barking Mad, and a high general cure indicator is all important.

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