Offline in 4 years, E3 2023 The second week of June next year

The E3, which was canceled this year for 19 Corona, confirmed its schedule for offline events in the second week of June next year.

On the 8th, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced that it will carry out the E3 2023, which will be held for about a week from the second week of June next year, with ReedPop. ESA said, Lead Pop will reunite the world video game industry, with the first release of the expected works.


Leadpop, which co-hosts E3, is a veteran company that has successfully hosted various events such as PENNY Arcade Expo, New York Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration. Leadpop Lance Penceman only said, It is a tremendous honor and privilege that Lead Pop is in charge of E3. With the support of ESA, we will build a world-class event that provides services in the global game industry in a new and broader way than we already do in Reed Pop.

E3 is one of the world’s top three game shows held at the Los Angeles Convention Center every June since 1995. It is a place where you can check information about new and new console devices in advance. However, due to concerns about the spread of Corona 19, the offline event has been canceled since 2020.

The E3 2023 detailed schedule will be guided later through the official website.

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