[Gem Star Temple] Umamus Me Pretty Duffy

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[Gem Star Moon Young-soo] Unlike K-Pop Idol, which is famous for Kalgunmu, Japan does not prefer the perfect idol from the beginning. Although there is a potential, the cluttered idols are gradually completed, and they support and empathize. He is a so-called growth idol.

The idol story was about because of the Umamusume Pretty Derby (Umamusume), which was officially released by Kakao Games on the 20th. Umamusme is a development simulation game developed by Japan Games, and has been a hit with famous race horses as a beautiful girl. Looking at the reaction after the official service, it has been successful in the domestic market in various indicators.

I was curious. I wanted to know the answer to how the game was able to achieve great success with a beautiful combination of a beautiful girl and a racehorse. I played the same. This is because he was impressed with the game that he was enthusiastic about the growth idol.

Umamusme was different from the latest games released. On the contrary, it resembles a development and love simulation such as Princess Maker and Wip-Walk Memorial, which became popular in the 90s. It can be said that it has differentiated from other mobile games in that it has its own ‘ending’.

The user must become a manager and foster his own Umamusme with the goal of ‘Ura Finals’, which will be held three years later. You can upload stats such as speed, stamina, power, muscle, and intelligence, and each time you have a good health, you need to relax and manage your condition. As time goes by on turns, it has to be as good as a small competition.


In the process, the user continues to communicate with Umamusume, and eventually feels like a real daughter. You can experience her dad’s heart as if she was nervous about her daughter who participated in the sports day. If you translate Umamusme in Korean, ‘Mald daughter’ is the core identity of the game.

Once Umamus Me has more than a simple game character, users are ready to do anything. He is willing to open his wallet to unlock the next story of the horse daughter or to win the game with other Umamusmes. I think it’s not much different from the hearts of gamers who are virtuous for their favorite idols. In particular, if you take the ‘center’ in the live performance stage, which is one of the first in the race, it feels proud.

The relationship between Umamusmes based on the characteristics of race horses is also a factor that increases tension. For example, ‘Dai and Scarlet’ shows that they do not want to lose each other every time they are rival with ‘Vodka’. I found out that Dai, Scarlet and Vodka were interesting because they were famous in Japanese horse racing. This is why the Japanese horse racing market was excited by Umamusme.

Localization also proceeded cleverly. In the beautiful girl game world, the Japanese dubbing and names, which are known as Latin, are brought in as they are, but the signboards seen in subtitles and background graphics have been translated into Korean. If you translate everything in Korean, you would have faced criticism that the Japanese version would not fit the taste of the girl game enthusiasts.

Umamusme is a game that has succeeded in differentiation with different ways and projects than the existing beautiful girl game. Maybe it’s the king of Moehwa. If you are a thumb, you should definitely play if you want to experience what it feels like to be a daughter.

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