[Lee Dong -sung] Warraval emergency in the game industry

The game industry could not escape the anchovy of a squid-catching boat in the night when he was on the light of light on the night. The reason why the game industry, which was famous for the IT industry, was famous for its overtime, is a 52-hour workweek that was introduced sequentially since 2018. This is not enough, but it was an atmosphere that went step by Warraval.

There are signs of this flow. On the 23rd, Lee Jung-sik, Minister of Employment and Labor, announced the direction of Labor time reform. The goal is to ease the 52-hour work week. The extended working hours settlement period can be extended from the main level to labor-management consultations, and the optional working hours are also prepared to expand the settlement period from the current three months. It includes the working hours savings system, which is exhausted for vacation when saving overtime hours, re-examining startups and professional jobs, and improving the system of wages in which wages rise according to annuals.

The 52-hour reform plan was announced through the Minister of Employment and Labor’s briefing, and President Yoon Seok-yeol was not the official position on the 24th, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs received advice from the Ministry of Labor to review the flexible labor time flexibility. I slept my feet. However, the 52-hour workweek easing is a pledge that President Yoon Seok-yeol has been in the candidate, and has also been requested by the government for a long time by domestic game companies. It is not an official position of the government, but there is also a prediction that it is a matter of time.

This is the part that has been requested by the company regardless of the field, but the labor community opposes the 52-hour workweek. Even now, if you can use your working hours flexibly, and relax the regulations on your working hours, you can get rid of the comprehensive wage system to prevent side effects such as ‘free night roots’. The government also added that it is necessary to collect the opinions of workers working in the field as well as the company’s position regarding the game working environment.

In Korea, there is no legal system to guarantee labor-management agreement, so there is an opinion that it is virtually difficult for the company and workers to discuss in equal positions without unions. Nexon’s union chairman Bae-chan said, The head of the HR team may be represented by workers, and it is not necessary to reveal what the worker representatives and the company agreed to all employees. On the surface, it is a labor-management agreement, but it can be a notice that the company decides and the representatives of the worker can only agree.

In other opinions, the government also stressed that it is necessary to make it clear what I want to do by relieving the 52-hour workweek. The reason for reducing working hours to 30 hours in Europe is to increase the employment rate. If the working hours are limited, they hire more people to cover it, he said. If the domestic government increases the working hours, it is necessary to clarify what policy goals they want to achieve.

If the 52-hour workweek is alleviated, the game industry will be especially affected. The game industry was so overtime that the crunch mode, which was an industry term for repeated night, was popular. At the same time, the 52-hour work week began, and a little bit of Warraval was a sign that it would take place. If the government has a policy goal and reorganizes the 52-hour work system, it is necessary to prepare practical measures on how to protect the workers.

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