Dragon Quest Treasures Treasure Blue Eye and Ozoras Compass Official announcement and full-scale start. Camus and Maya are the heroes treasure hunt RPG

Square Enix released the latest information on the Dragon Quest series, which celebrated the 36th anniversary on this day, which is also the “Dragon Quest Day” on May 27. Among them, the teaser trailer of Dragon Quest Triggers announced last year was released. Until now, the follow-up report has been cut off, but it is said that it will finally start full-scale.

This time, it was also revealed that the official title of this work became “Dragon Quest Treasures Blue Aoki and the Ozora Company”. This is a completely new spin-out work of the “Dragon Quest” series. Camus and his sister Maya, who appeared in “Dragon Quest XI after the Dragon Quest XI” released in 2017, will be set in a different world they lost in their childhood.

As for the gameplay of this work, it will be an RPG to “search for treasures” with reliable friends. The teaser trailer released this time shows a way that Camus and Maya board like a flying train and head to the island floating in the sky. This is the first voice of the two voices. Also, in the video released last year (listed below), we were able to confirm the gameplay scene, such as exploring the field and opening treasure chests and grabbing and gliding in drafts. It is said that rivals also appear (related article).

The compatible platforms and the release time of “Dragon Quest Treasure Treasure Blue Eye and the Ozora Compass” are undecided. It is said that the next information release of this work, which has started full-scale, will be scheduled for June as soon as possible, and it is expected that details will be revealed one after another.

The other topic related to “Dragon Quest Day” is the iOS/Android version of “Revive Dragon Quest Builders Alephgard” since May 26. A massage video of Yuji Horii, the creator of the series, was also released.

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