The Sandbox, Studio Dragon and K

[jin reporter Park Ye -jin reporter] ‘The Sandbox’ announced on the 17th that it will partner with the premium story group ‘Studio Dragon’ and showcase the drama intellectual property (IP) on the Meta Bus.

Through this partnership, we plan to create a K-drama play space based on Studio Dragon Intellectual Property (IP) in Land, a virtual real estate in The Sandbox, and implement collaboration with global IP. Studio Dragon will also produce avatar accessories and game items such as characters, costumes, and props using intellectual property rights of global popular dramas.

Founded in 2016, Studio Dragon is a representative drama planning and production studio in Korea. Representatives include ‘Sweet Home’, ‘Uncase of Love’, ‘Wonderful Rumors’, ‘Yumi’s Cells’ There are secret forests, and ‘Oh Hae -young’, and since last year, the company has been actively developing digital IP projects such as the issue of NFT products using ‘Vincent’, ‘Mine’ and ‘Hotel Deluna’.

The Sandbox Meta Dungeon RTFKT All quests fast walkthrough

Lee Seung-hee, Director of Korea Business Director Lee Seung-hee, said, “I am excited to be able to cooperate with the studio dragon, which is causing the K-drama craze all over the world with novel storytelling.” I can do it. ”

Yoo Bong-yeol, Director of the Dragon Content IP Business Bureau, said, “We are looking forward to cooperation with the Sandbox, which is interested in the Korean wave, such as building K -Verse, a K-content specialist.” I hope it will be an opportunity to enjoy content more actively and freely with viewers around the world who love dramas. ”

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