Sony employees criticized the head of PlayStation for an abortion letter

Some Sony employees are unhappy with the one, the head of the PlayStation sent an email in which he called on the employees to “respect the differences in the views” on the rights of abortion, before moving on to five detailed paragraphs about the first birthday of his two cats.

At the beginning of the letter, some current events are indicated, including the recent leakage of the US Supreme Court of the Supreme Court, which signals the intention to cancel the legalization of abortion throughout the country. Many corporations felt pressure on the part of employees demanding that this matter, but most video game companies are silent on this issue.

In an electronic letter, which was at the disposal of Bloomberg, PlayStation President Jim Ryan did not express his position on the issue of abortion, writing that the company and its community are “multifaceted and diverse, have many different points of view.” He wrote that “we are obliged to respect each other and millions of PlayStation users to respect the differences in opinions between all members of our internal and external community. Respect is not equal to the consent. But it is the basis of our company and the valuable world brand.”

PlayStation CEO Makes Dumbass Statements - Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.13.22

Then Ryan wrote that he “would like to share something frivolous in order to inspire everyone to remember the balance that can help relieve stress from indefinite world events,” said that recently his two cats had his first birthday, and on the next few A paragraphs spoke in detail about the festive cakes, noise and the desire to once have a dog.

During the internal discussions viewed by Bloomberg, which were not previously reported, the employees of several PlayStation studios expressed their dissatisfaction with the tone of the letter. Some women wrote that, in their opinion, their rights were violated. One of the employees said that “had never been so angry before because of a cat’s birthday.”

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