Pearl Abyss, 2021 ESG report publication

Pearl Abyss (CEO Huh Jin -young) published the first ESG (environmental, society, governance structure) report, which contains sustainable management activities and achievements.

Pearl Abyss has established a systematic and professional ESG management strategy and roadmap for the first time in June last year, establishing the ESG Task Force (TF) organization and establishing an ESG committee under the board of directors in March this year.

Pearl Abyss said the 2021 ESG Report was published to transparently communicate the implementation process with the responsibility and role of all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, and partners.

The report includes the contents and achievements of the major sustainable management that has been implemented last year, including ▲ introduction of corporate introduction, strengthening information security management, managing employee diversity, and strengthening global competitiveness by improving game development capabilities.

Pearl Abyss said that it has established a safe gameplay environment through information security management, such as establishing a certified security system that complys with domestic and foreign security standards and operating a dedicated information security organization consisting of the best experts in each area. In addition, as a global game company, he actively hired talented people with various languages and culture, and created an organizational culture that respects the background and values of employees.

In addition, Pearl Abyss focused on improving development capabilities by actively investing in R & D by developing the next -generation game engine ‘Black Space Engine’ to strengthen its global competitiveness.

Pearl Abyss plans to publish an annual ESG report to integrate non -financial and financial areas and transparently disclose the implementation process.

Huh Jin -young, the chairman of Pearl Abyss ESG, said, “We will increase our competitiveness in core business through ESG management and fulfill our social responsibilities.” I will listen to various voices and communicate. ”

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