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Probably the one who has such a (player) woman like Pierre-Michel Lasogga. Hertha BSC and HSV’s former Bundesliga professional have been kicking in Qatar for two and a half years. Always by his side: wife Salina, who is much more.

Pierre-Michel Lasogga|Skills and Goals 2013/2014

With Pierre-Michel, Salina not only takes care of the two kids, she also manages the football star in the desert-and does not let anything say anything about business machos nor the Arab patriarchy. In an exclusive RTL interview, Salina reveals how she prevailed as a woman in Qatar.

“It was unusual for the gentlemen that a woman was sitting at the table,” Salina Lasogga recalls not without pride in the negotiations in Qatar. After a few discussions, however, the Arabs had contacted them and paid them respect with their “strong personality”.

For classification: In the desert state, the men have the say that the woman usually only plays a “serving” role in public life as in marriage. Not so Salina Lasogga, also because the Qataris had noticed that she was a “European”.

The lasoggas have been a couple for seven years, they married last year. Pierre-Michel wrote on Instagram at the time: “Finally it belongs to me-‘Mrs. Lasogga’. I love you with all my heart.”

The striker obviously knows what he has about his Salina – a tough manager who does everything for him at the negotiating table as in life.

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