Sentence sentence, Seven Knights 2 new hero Eys of Eyss appeared

On the 29th, Netmarble updated Mobile MMORPG Seven Knights 2, a new legendary plus hero ‘Eys of Eysher’ and Scenario Season 3, ‘The Shadow of Twilight’.

Abyss Reaper Delons (Delons) is a member of Seven Knights, a dealer who can create synergy with an attacking hero. He becomes stronger when his surrounding enemies die in PVP content, and they can cause more powerful damage by giving the enemy the ‘death sentence’.

The Shadow of Twilight, unveiled with Delons, deals with Ren’s group’s journey for peace on the Asd continent after the war with Catastrov. Ren, who listened to the missing news and solved the problem, faced an unexpected person and later continued.

The new PVP content tag match will also be introduced. Three defense teams are organized to proceed in a tag match, and each season, there are rules to limit heroes and pet types.

In addition, new legendary plus pets with recovery skills have been added, ‘Clemis of Atonement’ and ‘New Legendary Ruin Armor’.

Netmarble will hold a great event that was held in April last year until May 12. 50 coupons that can acquire Ruby, Topaz, and Moonstone are located in Seven Knights 2 related places.

Subsequently, the attendance event to present a popular item will be held until July 7, and a special mission event will be held to support the growth of Legendary Heroes and Sunstones. If you grow Delonz to a certain level, you will receive a delinus soul, a legendary elixir, and a gold.

Seven Knights 2 is an authentic sequel to Netmarble’s representative IP ‘Seven Knights’. It was launched in Korea in November 2020, and started its services in 172 global regions in November last year.

For more information, visit the Seven Knights 2 official forum.

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