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Video evidence project manager Jochen Drees from the German Football Association has been open to the integration of former professionals into the work of video assistants.

“Perhaps the idea of approaching people who are currently not active in day-to-day business and take advantage of their know-how and get the ‘advice’ from these people is much more meaningful,” said Drees in the Sky broadcast “Sky Corner” and added: “That would be an approach that we want to pursue openly, because there is also a willingness of people to pursue it.”

Record national player Lothar Matthäus recently made the suggestion to use ex-players as a video assistant. Cooperation from the coming season is conceivable. “If we started it at the beginning of the new season and work with each other during the summer break and see that we are doing it together, that would also be a worthwhile way,” said Drees.

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However, the plans are not feasible this season. “We no longer have that many game days. So I would not consider it very realistic that we somehow do it in the last three match days,” said Drees.

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