Elden Ring: a huge dragon as dangerous for your PV as for your PC!

Seeing a gigantic sleeping dragon surrounded by several other smaller but well awakened dragons, the average player of Elden Ring can have two reactions. Flee as far as possible, or draw your weapon before rushing into the heap. The Modders of Elden Ring, on the other hand, had a completely different idea…


Killing The BIGGEST Dragon in Elden Ring Gives You WHAT?!【 No Damage】
If you have surveyed the Caelid region, and more particularly the draconic mound, you could not miss Grayoll, the dean of the Dragons . This optional boss is one of the most gigantic creatures of Elden Ring, but fortunately, it is nailed to the ground and will do nothing even if you attack it . In fact, the difficulty of this optional boss lies rather in the group of dragons which enters it and which, they will not be embarrassed to attack you if you approach too closely. But where most players would see in a motionless dragon a perfect opportunity to kill him, The community of Modderspcs of Elden Ring saw only one opportunity to make the fight a little more spicy by awakening it .

This is not the size that counts

It is not uncommon in Elden Ring to cross versions (many) larger other creatures originally smaller . Still in the Caelid region, for example, there is a huge jar (very rightly called “La Grande-Jarre”) which will test you if you send him the floor. If you have sufficiently surveyed the Entre-Terre, it may remind you of another speaking jar by the name of Alexander. If the Grande-Jarre cannot move in the original game, it is nevertheless coded in the same way as its twelve times smaller version , and it is this information that Zullie The Witch retained, Content creator and moddent at the origin of the video above.

By trutuating a little with the game files, she managed to make a mod to animate these gigantic versions of creatures originally immobile . Thus, she was able to put the great right juve on legs, and even force her to attack. However, the latter does not seem to have a hitbox, whether to wear or undergo attacks. Animating this huge ceramic pot therefore has no real use apart from the pleasure of seeing a jar of 34 meters top move in front of you. For the Doyenne of Dragons, on the other hand, it is another history .

It’s a bird ? Is it a plane? It’s a huge dragon!

If Zullie The Witch’s MOD works on the Grande-Jarre, it also works on Grayoll . And as much to tell you that you will have to make a very beautiful beast. 86 meters high, 182 meters long, and 261 meters all wings deployed, more than three times larger than the old Drangon in Souls III , which measured “only” 25 meters! But where the mod takes all its value is that the dean does not just wake up. Taking example on the small dragons that protect it, it will also start attacking you and using The same blows as his little brothers .

However, if you wanted to try the MOD to attack such a benchmark, be warned: The game is clearly not made for such a fight . Too much too much for its environment, the dean of the dragons is struggling to move properly, and if its attacks are devastating for your life bar, they are also for your computer . As if he refused to accompany you in such a crazy fight, the latter will be able to feel too much in view of the immense dragon and to completely crash the game . You are free to try if you want to tell you, but you might as well tell you that you will certainly not be released unscathed.

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