The 30s Peak Min Bloom Experience

The cold spring came to the middle of the cherry blossoms that I made, and the blessing cherry blossoms that I did not want to go out of the door. Corona 19 The number of daily confirmation of infection is a decline in the decline of infections, and the announcement of the unauthorized release through the government, and the number of people who left the spring weather that came to see the spring weather,

The situation is this, and I have been thinking of a day of home, I also have a 24 hour a day, I was also thinking that I had only 24 hours a day. It is not a lot of difficulty to get air and walks, but it is not too difficult, but it’s too long. I have a heart that I want to do more for one more reason for going out to go out.

The game reporters the game first, and then, then ‘Picmin Bloom’ came into the snow. Pokemon GO is a mobile game developed by Nintendo with Nintendo. At the time of the first public, Miyomoto, a master of Mario and Zelda series, was emerging as a work that was introduced by the Miyamoto Shigeru.

In October last year, when the game was officially launched, it was time for a walking or out of a social distance and a disturbance. Because it was a time for a snowfall to be afraid of winter winds, the interest in peakmal Bloom, which is a mobile game that must be accompanied by a walk, is natural.

But now I have been a season that goes out of going out, and I thought that a good season was found to play the peakmen Bloom who has been stuck in the meantime. In 2022, I want to be a ‘flower that could be full of flowers’.

1 day. Peak Min Bloom seems to be not a general game

When I first installed a peakminder Bloom, I was full of expectations and irregures. When you start to install the game and link the account, you have to give a Nintendo account to the Nintendo account, as soon as you start, you give a pique peak written by a red plumber hat, a red plumber, a symbol of Mario. I thought that the blue peakmine appeared by pressing a big hat than the big hat, and I thought that the beginning is very good.

But for a while, the joy and sanctification of the gift began to stride that ‘Picmam Bloom’ was not easier than I thought. As the other mobile games, you need to make more content, so you have to level up, because this level-up condition was to fill a certain amount of “step number”. In the business time, I could not get out of my mind, and I decided to put a narrow room and living room with a narrow room and living room, filling the number of steps, and I decided to raise the most basic red peaks.

Peak Min Bloom’s picmel is born in ‘seedlings’, which is a walking and acquiring it. If this seedlings are planted in the flowerpot, if you walk some extent, the player’s step is to peak a peak. At first, red, yellow peakmine appears, and you can usually hatch if you are hungry.

In addition to the red and yellow, blue, purple, hail, wings and rock picin are emerging, and it was said that it is necessary to take more steps to hatch these guys. This was introduced to the ‘motivational motivation of’ walking movement ‘designed by Ninnience and Nintendo. In fact, I would like to have a gap on my heart when I was born in the pork. When I worked when I work, I heard that I was attached to all the chairs of all day. This was really good.

The sorry thing was that it was rarely able to enjoy the smartphone screen and look at the smartphone screen. Except for the peaks that gave the goldfish to the goldfish that gave the goldfish to the aquarium, we have almost nothing to do, except that they gave the picnic and gave the petals. ‘If the level can be more enjoyable, it would be more likely to be able to make a lot of things.

2 days. What is the joy of a pioneer that smokes a flower in the wasteland?

Unlike the first day I just stopped after installation, I have to think that I have to walk out in earnest in the two days. Everything in the peakmen Bloom starts from the user’s step and accumulates the pace, so you can proceed with the content for one by 1. After a “white petal” bullet, which was a little bit of an integer and a little bit of a peak that raised the peak, he was a little bit of a “white petal” bullet.

Walking can start when you touch the flower icon on the main screen of the peakmen Bloom. They are recorded and moved to all the ways, and flowers are blooming. On the map, you can see all the flowers that enjoy the pickin Bloom, and you can see all the flowers that I live in. I also heard that I thought it was a little sad, but I would have a strange expectation that I thought I would have to pioneer the flower way.

The experience of walking directly with flowers is a distinctive experience. Only the pool is a lush wilderness that I have been making a small trail with flowers directly, and I have been able to recall the flowers that I have seen on the way at any time, and I would be able to recall the flowers.

I did not even see the cell phone screen, but it was automatically served as well as a flower, but it was a good time that I had a walk after I finished a walk, and I was able to check it at a glance that it was new to a new glance. In fact, you can feel a somewhat embarrassed by the person who walks while taking a cell phone screen. While playing peakmen bloom, I did not have to worry about that.

Though it was able to take a bunch of account levels, you can raise your account level and grow up to a new friend, blue peakmin, but the thirst in the ‘absence of game elements’, which I felt in the beginning, still remained at this time. If you walk only hard, it is easier to get a level than you think, so it is easier to get ahead of the level, but it does not have a big change in the content of the content even if the level is up.

At this time, I thought I had to look at the concept of athletic apps that add a small meaning to the ordinary behavior of a walk, not a game, not a game. The developer’s innocence also has introduced to seek that people who have never been able to play the game without having to play games before ‘ As when to write a game, it was a moment to think that ‘I have to enjoy all the contents somehow quickly, “he said,” I have to be able to relax with a bit of a little heart.

3 days. With a peakmen Bloom, it is full of new discoveries in an ordinary walk

I decided to put the burden of the heart that I had told the heart of the heart, and I had to enjoy the peakmen Bloom, but I could not stop the walk that was burned. As a condition for level up, a goal of ‘Picmie’s 3-grown’ and ‘Fill’ XX stepping ‘is presented, every time I do not want to stop the steps to say, “I do not want a little a little bit.” This is not accurate because it is because of the fuse of the peakmin Bloom, or the level design that the innovative is thoroughly calculated, but it was not accurate because it is not accurate because it was a thoroughly calculated level design.

The third day is the day I could meet several new elements that I have never seen in the previous play. The first I recently checked the AR mode improvement that was added as a V43 update. The ability to see the ‘Big Flower’ that is planted all over the village AR camera was newly added.

Big Flower is a conceptual concept of Pokemon GO, which is easy to understand if users are cooperating with cooperation content to collect and raise flowers. Although there was only a flower buds that have not yet been blooming around the house, I was able to see that when I went to a downtown, I was able to confirm that I have been full of beautiful flowers that I have enjoyed and the piqing Blooming users came and have been full of smoothing. I also find a big flower around my house and turned on the AR camera, and stopped a while in a strange heart and left the picture.

Mindbloom: Transforming Lives and Careers

The AR feature has been a simple auxiliary feature, and it is somewhat unfortunate that it is not a significant impact on game content. Of course, it may be intentionally limited to the functionality for the purpose of ‘anyone who can do.’, If you add, you have thought that the differentiation of the app itself can be more obvious. The developer also seems to have been planning to make a plan to add the original AR feature of the ‘Picmin Bloom’ only, so this part is expected.

Another new element I met on the third day is the discovery of ‘big seedlings’ that can afford to walk 10,000 steps unlike other seedlings. Unlike conventional peakmers, it was a more experience in saying that a deco peaker equipped with a unique accessory. In addition to the mario peaks, we expect to get a deco peakmin and filled with a joyful heart, and eventually filled with the first deco peak.

I know more, and it is said that if you are a seedlings acquired on the street, most of the ficmers are born with letter stickers. Restaurant, Cafe, Dessert Store, Cinema, Pharmacy, Zoo, Forest, Waterfront, Post Office, Museum, Airport, Station, Beach, Hamburger Shop, Convenience Store, Supermarket, Bakery, Beauty Salon, Fashion, Park

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