Gravity Ragnarok Origin, New Class and Local Update

Gravity said on March 31, the MMORPG Ragnarok Origin, on the past 30 days.

This large update has new classes, new areas, new myths, new content, and collaboration.

The new class is characterized by a thieving secondary log and a third stalker with a dagger and a bow blade with a dagger and a bow blade, and it is characterized by being attacked near and from a distance.

Stalker Class and the Job Change is FINALLY HERE!!! Ragnarok Origin KR Server Patch Note Breakdown

Heating, weapons, and armor dismantling, raid, and robbery, etc.

New system free former and character name change are also added. Freedom Former Former Changes Changes Only after the account has been updated to change the job when you perform a job change, you can change your job and change your job in the RO shop. Changes in character statements can be changed by consuming it.

In addition, new local Komodo beaches, new dungeon at the seasons, new dungeon at the time of season, new dungeon equipment, new myth equipment, Lava collaboration costumes and pets are added together.

Gravity proceeds to four major update commemorative events in March until April 24, from April 24th. During the event period, we will benefit from Lava Collaboration events, new thieves, former events, and return users.

Ragnarok Origin Lee Hee-su, a large-scale update, “said Lee Hee-soo,” New classes, new regions, and dungeons, free full-time, and Lava collaboration, and to provide a large-scale update to provide more. I will continue to be more and more contents and events in the future, and I would like to ask for a lot of interest and love. “

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