LOL: Broxahs play with Lee without letting us clear about why he is considered his best champion

When a historic player chooses his favorite character, it is obvious that we see that he can create a huge show with tremendously good plays. Faker with Ryze or Orianna, Uzi with Vayne or even Caps with Akal I is always nice to see. But when we talk about players withdrawn with their most mythical characters, it is undeniable that we are some that another tear every time he performs a outplay.

In this case we talk about nothing more and nothing less than Mads “ Broxah ” Brock-Pedersen, one of the most longest and important players of the European League of Legends and who has left us more than one play for history. Anyway, we wanted to highlight a play with Lee without , an insignia champion and that very few will be able to overcome if we compare it when he was at the best level of him.

How Broxah Hit Challenger in League of Legends Season 12 | Lee Sin Jungle

The situation is easy to understand: Broxah was in his jungle when suddenly, in the Nashor area, he had to see the faces with up to three enemies. Firstly he threw one of his sonic waves to try to hurt for Then use your W and guardian to escape. While he could have gone, the Swedish jungle decided to go for all and he made an exquisite play using the definitive thing to lift the three enemies that persecute him through the air.

Just after this it would launch another sonic wave that would impact one of the most played enemies in order to end it and go back to the guardian of the beginning of the play. However, he knew that he could end another enemy more with his Q and a flash to finalize once and for all a play that seemed favorable for the rival. Thus, the Swedish jungle felt again in its meats which was Outplayear to almost a whole team with a Lee without impeccable.

Broxah commented at the beginning of this year that he wanted to set aside the competitive world for a while to focus on something he also loved: the world of streaming. The direct of him with Team Liquid are quite didactic and worthy of show as it can be seen in the clip. While it is very good at Soloq, the truth is that we miss it a lot of less at the highest competitive circuit Nive L, so we hope that soon we revel with mechanical shows in some important tournament Like the LEC or even the ERLS leagues.

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