[Picture Diary of Yoshida Taiya] The Virgin and Yokais “Ghostwire: Tokyo” Tokyo may actually be ideal for sightseeing

I am not good at ghost.

But… If you meet a million, you have a plan. It is to stop humans and become a ghost!

There is only this for a ghost that does not work for physical attacks. If I become a ghost, the attack should be attacked by the other party! Life is over, but from here it’s my turn!

……, I’m finished. I.

This time, Tango Gameworks Developed and PS5 version of “ Ghostwire: TOKYO ” released by Bethesda Softworks. This work is an open world action adventure that follows a strange incident that the human beings of the protagonist ‘moon of the protagonist are the ghost of his buddy.

Although it is not perfect for the open world, it is not only the place of prosecutor and the building group, but a fairly wide range is searchable to the residential area and the back of the alley. Every time I played a game that is drawn in realistic cityscape, I was a gaming game that I thought “I want to search for a modern Japan drawn in a realistic graphic in an open world”!

Well… Something seems to come out.

# Unmanned Tokyo and the main character observed by the ghost

The protagonist ‘s Human, who was a traffic accident due to a traffic accident, but he lives his liveliness by being obsessed with the mysterious ghost of KK. But that was that KK went to take over the body of the car.

Such a chance of being able to change Tokyo, and Tokyo transforms Tokyo into hell where the envy.

Horizen and KK have always been working to overcome this situation.

oh! This is not a deployment of Buddy mono that is difficult to work in cooperation while being defeated! ?

It is helpful to be a hot deployment for me who is not good at horror.

By the way, a black Moya is on the face of a carer who was taken up by KK.

This emergency is a visual that is crucial to the middle two sincerity, but if you return to the peaceful world, it’s still like this… It’s pretty bad.

After that, I went to the hospital where the sister of the carer was hospitalized, and there was nothing there.

Now, because of the general area, the human being in Tokyo has disappeared. Unfortunately my sister will not be safe….

Well, my sister is! It was good, a dumpling!

But now it is about to take her sister to take care of her sister now. Is your sister important person of the story?

And, KK that could not be seen so far has suddenly been realized. KK and General Young Surface seems to be a factor.

, KK…… Normal Occan! I imagined a fantasy visual like a monster…. Maybe KK Honmaker is like Kimla Katsuo .

Anyway my sister has been exposed to the general area! If you don’t chase!

# Spread the scope of fog in Torii!

As soon as you can help your sister, you want to follow the general area, but the city of Tokyo is covered with mist and does not proceed as you think.

First, it is necessary to fog.

Purifying the birds that are built in various places, the fog around the surroundings will be fine and passed.

Even if it is purification, it does not really clean torii.

It is purified and fog will be fog when it is signed in front of the torii. cool…….

And it is not only fog to block the hand of the carer. The city of Tokyo, who became unattended, and the enemy called Malevites is lying.

This guy is like a salary man who has an umbrella, but it is Malevit called a shadow method. I can’t attack unless I visible this, but I will get in the way of search so I will defeat it.

The carer can free the ether shot with the power of the ghost.

The ether shot has three attributes of “wind”, “water”, which can be fed out, and a wide range of extensive attacks, and a long-fire “fire”, and will be used according to the situation. Besides, there are weapons such as a bill or bow arrow that stops the movement of the enemy.

Take distance from the enemy and aim to aim at the ether shot!…… Well, I feel like working with fantasy wizard characters though it is a horror game.

Then, by pulling out the core of the enemy that comes out and pulled out, it takes a tome.

Well I can’t beat it normally, but it’s quite convenient because I pulled out several enemies simultaneously.

When the enemy is defeated and the level goes up, skill tree can strengthen the power of ether shot or increase the maximum number of items of the item.

Besides the shadow, enemies such as Ol-style womens have appeared, including the Mt.

Malevites, “ existence produced by the stress of modern society ” is a visual that feels like a bit, and there is a little comical.

“If you are not good at horror, you can handle it with no horror ~”……


You need to be careful because the enemy with a horrible appearance appears occasionally…!

This guy is going to fall! ? Nice to meet the “Clock Tower” Iszi!

# General Young? From such a thing, it is Tokyo sightseeing!

The fog was felected and the behavior range has also spread. I’m going to help my sister,… before that, I wonder if I’m going to go away.

Never “ I want to sight and sister’s rescue and sightseeing Tokyo ~ ” or “ It is not wondered because the game of the stage is small because the game of the stage is small ~ “…… It is necessary to strengthen it before it takes a strong enemy.

Side missions and collection elements are provided in various places, and these are also enhanced by the ability of the carer.

For example, even by absorbing human spirits drifting in the city, experience values are available. Human spirits drift in various places from the back of the alley to the roof of the building, so this is better to obtain the experience value than defeating the Zako enemies.

To climb the building’s roof, it is necessary to emit a wire towards the heavenly spring and pull it up.

By the way, if you use the skills that can call Tengu at any time, you will be easier to move to high!

But it looks like a wire is hard to get stuck in Tengu… It’s okay, right?

Once, I’m borrowing the power of Tengu, but I’m not angry, right?

When jumping off from the high off, a smoother can fly, so if it is used in conjunction with the calling skill of Tengu, the freedom in the air will increase with Gun!

Besides Tengu, there is a monster such as a brown neck or a seat, and by capturing and fulfilling a wish, you will receive a reinforcement item of a car.

I love my favorite monster is Kappa. The figure that can be deviated to the food is cute in manuku.

Humans have disappeared, but animals are safe. You can give dog food to dogs or love cats!

That’s why I’m going to be brabled the city to find animals.

Oh yeah, I remembered that I was walking up, but it was installed on the roof of the building The substance equipment was quite surprised at reality!

Why is it surprised to do that, I used to work for equipment manufacturing.

Since the shooting mode is equipped with this work, I want to take a picture without missing when I find a spot that shines in the city.

I have taken a commemorative shooting with a site!

While the same, we changed to the relationship between the car and KK. When I met, “Congding of the freedom of the body!” “Do you let me do it!”, I am a lonely like a close friend.

Personally the most fun to brow the city while listening to these two conversations.

…… I feel like I forgot something… Oh, my sister.

The story was cleared in about 20 hours, but after that, it was played for completion of the embedded element, and if I had no particular reason, I was playing for more than 50 hours.

Since downtown from downtown to residential area, the torii was from the downtown area to the residential area. The real world is also placed properly in the real world, such as the roadside stores and electricity meters, and the vegetable pots that are left without planting.

In the battle, the feeling that you can defeat the enemy of the horrible appearance that seems to appear in the horror game, so I felt it! However, as I felt a little monotonous battle in the center shot center, I wanted a little variation to attack. This part may change the player’s evaluation whether or not the actionality is emphasized or emphasizing the search element.

There is a point of the largest attraction of the “Open World Tokyo!”

“GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” is on sale for PS5 / PC.

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