2 years ago if the Wuijing food delivered to the day when Wuhan was closed?

Corona 19 has a couple of years old and now affecting everyday life. Omiclon, including several variants, and confirmed, and confirmed, and it was awkward to go outside without masks. If so, the day when the Wuhan, which is a wane that is a cloak, a wuhan is closed. What was the Chinese local atmosphere? An interactive documentary that can indirectly experience this is released to Steam in April.

The title was ‘Out for Delivery’, and the Chinese authorities have illuminated the life of food delivery in Beijing on January 23, 2020, which closed Wuhan City. You can experience the process of being ordered by a phone, stopped by restaurant and delivering food to your destination. A total of 42 minutes is a 5-minute, 360 degree camera, and I took a sense of reality. Basically, it is a video, but a game element that the player can intervene is reflected.

The documentary was prepared by YUXIN GAO, Lillyan Ling, Gus Boehling, and John Bruneau, which are attached to New York University. The production team said he wanted to advocate the problem of social classes in China in China.

COVID outbreak prompts China to lock down 9 million people in city of Changchun | ABC News

China is also rapidly conducting urbanization, and people who have been issued in rural areas were also significantly increased. One of these people have a lot of jobs are delivered. Deliveryers are providing services to ensure that the city can go smoothly, but they are far from interests that they settle well in the city. It is a manufacturing intention that I wanted to illuminate this reality.

Outfolding Indie Game Platform ITCH.IO was released as a free game, and 2021 Indicade Impact Awards, 2021 GSA BAFTA Student Awards (2021 GSA BAFTA Student Awards). In addition, it will be released in Steam in April, and supports English and Simplified Chinese.

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