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On the last 4 days, Purt, Bis was delivered to the ‘Hope Bridge National Disaster Hometown Association’ of Western Fire Damage Support. This is the second sponsor for the Donation of Gyeongbuk Firefighters and Kangwon-kwon Donation to Help for Forest Depression in March.

On the 5th, Pulse, Bis said that the Best Events, which has been with a black desert user, has donated the full amount of the “warm heart package” sales revenue. This donation event was conducted in a way that we have prepared package products, and deliver the full amount of proceeds, referring to the five opinions of the black desert streamer from the last 23 days to 30 days. The five package sales of their names were set to 85 million won, and the bis passed this proceeds to the “Hope Bridge National Disaster Reserve Association”. Donations will be used for recovery support in Gyeongbuk and Gangwon area, which are built in forest fires.

Meanwhile, Bisu is a ‘$ 100 million in forest fire, “Ukraine’s emergency medical grant”, “Ukrainian emergency medical grants’ 100 million won. I have been conducting active social contribution activities such as.

“We hope that the warm mind of adventurers will help heal the wounds of the victims of the victims,” said Bis Greeting Culture Support, said, “I hope that the warm mind of the adventurers will help heal the wounds of the victims, I said, “he said.

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