Füllkrugs turning point and Rostocks fear opponents: This brings the 28th matchday

Dresden wants to stop the negative run

In Dresden, this year is not running at all this year. Dynamo is still victorious after ten spaces. Since the introduction of the three-point rating, all teams rose, which extended such a series. At the moment, the climber is on the relegation place, but has nine points lead to a descent rank. Now the bad series should be stopped on Friday (18.30 clock) against Schalke. For the first time, Dresden may play over 30,000 spectators after over two years, which could become a decisive plus. Königsblau is the favorite. Schalke lasted twice in a row and is located a point behind two and four behind two. A slip-up at Dynamo would be a herber set in the ascent race.

Also on Friday evening it comes to the relegation duel par excellence: The last Ingolstadt receives the penultimate Aue. While the Schanzer has 13 points less than the 16th, the violets are behind nine counters behind and a game less at least something closer. Of course, both teams helps only a victory to maintain the minimal chance on the league.

HSV lags behind – but has the lightest residual program

Match Day Problem
On Saturday (13.30 clock), among other things, the HSV against Paderborn is required. The North Germans made a bad game in Dusseldorf after the Corona break, with luck still took a point. The reds must be careful not to lose sight of the rising ranks. Currently there are nine points residue in second place, but the catch-up against Aue is still on Tuesday. And the fact is also: The HSV has the slightest residual program from all ascension aspirants, must play more against no direct competitor.

Also on Saturday afternoon Darmstadt has the northern lights from Kiel to guests. Holstein returned to four defeats in a piece with the 1-0 against Ingolstadt, but still has to look down. The lilies experienced a setback last matchday in the top match, lost 0: 1 against replacement weakened Bremen and are now three points behind rank 1 and 2. But in terms of ascent, the SVD has no pressure anyway, giving this confidence to the big teams. “That’s the biggest thing that can happen in a career. And I conveyed the guys a bit a bit,” said Midfielmann Kempe on the rise in the Bundesliga, which he was allowed to experience with the lilies in 2015.

Hannover has been a guest at the same time Regensburg. The 96 people have only three points ahead of 16th place and should therefore urgently points after three league defeats in a row. The Jahn recently collected four points from two games and has a good upholstery down. Up to the top, however, the train has already driven off despite a strong start of the season.

St. Pauli is Rostock’s fear opponent

On Saturday night (20.30 clock) then the leader is honored: St. Pauli is a guest at the FC Hansa Rostock. And there are currently lighter tasks as the guest match at the cog, which last three times resulted in a row, including 4: 3 on Schalke. In addition, the householders may fully utilize the stadium, which certainly does not make it easier for the Kiez gamess. However, the Hamburgers with ten points from the past four games have come well again and together with Bremen the currently hunted team in the 2nd league. And: The last six games lost the cog against the Kiez games. “I know that between the two clubs a big rivalry prevails. For our fans it’s an important game. I am looking forward to the game that will be hot and very emotional,” Burgstaller is quoted on the website of the Hamburg.

Since Sandhausen it runs with Füllkrug – Heimach FCH FCH welcomes the club

On Sunday (13.30 clock) the table-second Bremen has the SV Sandhausen guest. If you only take the return table, it is a top game between the first and the fourth. Werder has passed on personal worries, with defendant to Toprak, wiser and Friedl fall out three regular players. For this are ducksch and askcourt to Corona infection. At the 1-0 in the top game against Darmstadt, the SVW has shown that he can defy such resistances. Rallying was once again on Füllkrug, which has been in outstanding form for weeks. At Sandhausen, the attacker has good memories, because there burdened his node after Miserablem season start in the first round. In 17 games he met since then, a whopping 14 times.

Heidenheim, the second best home team of the league to St. Pauli, has a guest on Sunday Nuremberg. For the FCH, in view of six points behind it has to ranked three and nine in second place a threesome, to stay above Dranzu. The starch in front of a local audience showed the Schmidt-Eleven last at 2: 1 against Bremen, the only Werder defeat under coach Ole Werner. The Nürnberger left after four wins in a row at the 1: 1 against Dresden points. With the duel in Heidenheim starts a crispy month of April for the club, because it is also against the direct competitors Darmstadt, Bremen and St. Pauli. And at the end of the season, the FCN still plays against Schalke. The fact is: Will Nuremberg ascend, it must beat the biggest league in the final spurt.

The matchday is completed with the duel KSC against Dusseldorf. Karlsruhe is located in the noble country of the league, up as below is nothing more under normal circumstances. Although the Fortuna stabilized under coach Daniel Thioon, only four points ahead of rank 16 but still look down. The KSC lost the last four games against the Düsseldorf. Only against Union Berlin, Eintracht Frankfurt and Aachen lost the KSC once again in a row.

The residual program of the 2nd league

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