Releases: Star Wars in his humorous form

The April, who does what he wants: That does not only apply to the weather, but also for the releases. In the next seven days a colorful menu awaits you, in which mainly clamping blocks protrude.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga | 5th April

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X / Switch

It’s 17 years ago, the first LEGO STAR WARS was released. Since then, developers TT Games has tried countless games in the Lego universe, but now comes back to the beginning. In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga should now expect you the most extensive LEGO video game adventure so far.

humour | star wars: the force awakens

The content can definitely be seen. The name meets the most important moments of the nine films comprehensive Skywalker saga and can hatch in the plastic skin hundreds of figures. It is not only fought on the individual planet, but of course in space. And as always, the adventure can be experienced both alone, as well as in the co-op.

For the release of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga give WB Games and TT Games also great: as good as every platform is served, whether PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Switch.

MLB The Show 22 | 5th April

PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X / Switch

The sports season is always pretty early in the year – and this year, there is no exception. With MLB The Show 22 The game to the US baseball league appears and thus offers a usual extensive license package.

New this year is the support of CrossSplay, Cross-Save and CrosSprogrosession , which allows you to change from a platform at any time without losing your progress. In addition, there is a new commentator duo and a few more detail improvements in the gameplay.

And there is still an innovation this year to release: MLB The Show 22 will not only appear for the PlayStation and Xbox platforms, but for the first time for the Nintendo Switch.

Godfall | 7th of April

Xbox One / Xbox Series X

Godfall was one of the first PS5 games at all. Almost one and a half years later, the fantasy action roleplay now comes as a so-called Ultimate Edition on the Xbox consoles. The release contains both the basic game and the previous content updates and the otherwise paid extension Fire & Darkness.

Of course, nothing in the Ultimate Edition is playfully changing. That is, you will continue to travel through various environments, combat countless opponents and go to the search for ever better Loot . The combat system is pretty action-making and you can alternatively even go in Koop mode.

In addition to the release for the Xbox consoles, the PC is also served – on Steam. So far, Godfall has been available only in the Epic Games Store. However, the exclusivity expires on April 7.

Chrono Chross: The Radical Dreamers Edition | 7th of April


For more than 20 years, as Square Enix published – at that time, Squaresoft – for the first time Chrono Chross for the PlayStation. The JRPG developed over the years with fans to the classic and now returns as a so-called Radical Dreamers Edition again.

For the Remastered variant of Chrono Chross, Square Enix promises a supervised optics , which includes better textures, improved soundtrack and a car feature function. In addition to the name of the edition, you also receive Radical Dreamer – the forbidden treasure as a audio amendment. It is more or less about a kind of history to the events of Chrono Chross.

Unlike then, the release of Chrono Chross takes place in the new edition not only for the PlayStation. Instead, players can also access the PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Finally, Lego and Star Wars in a package: April begins with a small highlight, at least if you’re fan of the Sci-Fi Universe. In addition, there is also the comeback of a JRPG classic and baseball in its best digital form.

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