Star Trek Online: Extension Shadows Advance now available on consoles

Star Trek Online is one of the first female captains in the history of Star Trek on PlayStation and Xbox Welcome. In the latest Update Shadow’s Advance, the players and players at the Terran armed forces under the command of Marshall Janeway join (Kate Mulgrew, who originally embodied this role in Star Trek: Voyager and recently recorded in Prodigy on Paramount +) to a person of particular interest to kidnap on the Jupiter station in the federation room.

The players also work with two well-known allies from the Spiegel Universe, Captain Killy (Mary Wiseman) from Star Trek: Discovery and Admiral Leea (Chase Masterson), a fan favorite in Star Trek online. Shadow’s Advance follows its stories from the Perspective of Admiral Janeway from the main universe, which retires the events.

Here is the official launch trailer for Star Trek Online: Shadow’s Advance to see:

The full list of the content of Shadow’s Advance includes:

  • New special episode: In the new episode alles on red, players with Marshal Janeway and the Terran Forces commanded work together to kidnap a person from a secure facility.
  • New commands: With the new season, a new mission command for five captains called “Iuppiter Iratus” comes into play. The players must put together a team from five people to prevent the Terran Empire from stealing valuable data from the Jupiter station.
  • Jubilee event: On multiple desire, the developers have re-launched the mission omegamolecule stabilization, in which the players must stabilize omegamolecules, which Q has distributed across the galaxy. By participating in this event and the matching mirror universe insert command, the anniversary ship this year is unlocked, the Jarok Alliance Carrier [K6] .
  • Original actor: Star Trek Online is called Kate Mulgrew in the game Welcome, the original actress of Captain Janeway in star Trek: Voyager. The captains also meet the malicious Captain Killy ( Mary Wiseman from star Trek: Discovery) and on Admiral LeeTa ( Chase Masterson from star Trek: Deep Space Nine), which also in our last season, reflections, playing a role.

Star Trek Online is a free massive multiplayer online game where players can explore the Universe of Star Trek. Players can deny their own fate as a captain of a federation ship, as a Klingon warlord defending the borders of the Reich, as Commander of the Romulan Republic rebuild the Romulan legacy or perform dangerous missions for the Dominion as Jem’Hadar. Captains can also visit famous places from the Universe of Star Trek, contact new alien species and fight with other players in their own spaceships. Star Trek Online is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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