Ghostwire Tokyo, how to unlock Fire Weaving

If you have started with chapter 1 by Ghostwire Tokyo and started using your Windweaving attack, you are probably curious when you unlock the other two types of main attacks to which you have access. To save you the riddle rates, this manual describes how to unlock Fire Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Fire Weaving is the first type of attack that you unlock in the game after you start the game with Wind Weaving. Unlike Wind Weaving, Fire Weaving revolves all about bang-hard shots. His base attack fires a sniper-like ball with the charged attack acting as a rocket and creates an explosion in the area in which it lands.

So if you want to diversify your combat options, you should use Fire Weaving. And below you can find out So unlock Fire Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo so you can boggle the visitors who come in to Tokyo.

Ghostwire Tokyo, how to unlock Fire Weaving

Fire Weaving in Ghostwire Tokyo is unlocked in the second chapter of the game during the mission “A Maze of Death”. .

It is found after the Shiroyama shrine was cleared, which is pretty early in the chapter. The chances are good that they naturally encounter because only very little from the world will have opened when they reach the shrine.

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The Fire Weaving attack is best suited to accommodating with larger enemies such as minibuses or bosses. His recharged attack is also well suited to attack groups of enemies like the headless students, which often combine into groups.

This handles how to unlock the Fire Weaving attack in Ghostwire Tokyo. For more help on the battles of the game and upgrades for your Fire Weaving attack, you will find in our exemplary approach to Ghostwire Tokyo.

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