Has Stone, Extension Pack News on Stone Shining Night on the 18th Dawn Broadcasting

Blizzard Entertainment’s Hasston’s first expansion of the first expansion pack that deals with the first expansion pack information. On the weekend, the Masters Tour Competition, which is a worldwide Hasstone Follaries, is held.

Tomorrow’s Mahariston Memorial Memorial to announce the first expansion pack this year, ‘At night’, a special broadcasting is a ‘stoning night on March 18, from 1:00 am on March 18, HustTon official YouTube channel (https://www.youtube). COM / HEARTHSTONEKR (COM / HEARTHSTONEKR) and the official twitch channel (https://www.twitch.tv/playhearthstonekr) are real-time relayed.

This day, two parts, two parts, two parts, and two parts, which are one of the five people starring the Signboard Hauston streamer, such as Duni, Renian and Kranish (in order of more than G). Consider the rack valley, and divide any cards and meta in depth analysis on whether they were loved by players.

The subsequent second part of the subsequent part of the new expansion pack is present. Take a look at the information on the first expansion pack this year, which is released, and through this, we will focus on the change in the change and new pleasures in the future, and are filled with real-time chat.

In addition to comments, Hasstone players and fans can participate in broadcasts through the event page and can also be a gift. Until the start of the broadcast, we will present a chicken gifted gift through the lottery of the players who will preview the opinion on the desired desires in the new expansion pack.

More information on broadcasting at night this stone is available for more details on the official blog post (https://news.blizzard.com/en-kr/hearthstone/23785335/). This year’s first new expansion pack will be released tomorrow, and in 2022, the Hasston annual plan is scheduled for a later announcement.

New Research: The Monument Stonehenge Has Served As A Solar CALENDAR
Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac, Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac, which is the second tournament, Masters Tour, the second tournament, is held online for three days, and it is relayed online.

Putting up the total prize money $ 250,000 (about $ 300 million) (about 300 million won) This tournament will begin on March 19, 21, starting from March 19 (below Korea). The main competitions of these competitions, which have been invited in more than 40 countries, are the main competitions of this tournament, The relay can be watched in the Hasstone Official YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/hearthstonekr).

You can go back to YouTube Drops for online viewers, and you can get up to two Artark Valley (Fractured in Alterac Valley ™) card packs. Masters Tour Alterock Ruins through the Hasstone Official YouTube Channel 2 hours viewing a pack, and you can get one more pack, and you can get one more time. The viewing time is cumulative during the competition period, so that the drops are paid based on the total viewing time, even if you do not watch for 4 hours a consecutive time.

More information on Masters Tour Alterock Ruins and Drops is available for more information on Drops.

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