Bernd Neuendorf with a large majority to DFB

Neuendorf received 193 of the 250 votes cast and was elected to the 14th President of the German Football Chamber. “The result overwhelmed me,” he said shortly after the election.

Neuendorf was previously president of the Football Association Mittelrhein. He had announced his candidacy in November 2021 and was nominated by the Westphalian football and athletics association (FLVW). Because he could certainly be before the 44th DFB Bundestag of the State and Regional Representatives, he was a favorite in the fight tuning around the DFB tip.

50 votes for Peters

For the first time, two candidates were available for this choice: In addition to Neuendorf, the former Schalke Financial Officer Peter Peters went into the race, which received support from the camp of DFL representatives, but was clearly unsuccessful in the election. He got 50 votes in six abstentions and an invalid vote.

Neuendorf grew up in the Düren, studied later in Bonn and Oxford and finally worked as a journalist. At the beginning of the 2000s he moved to the party politics, acted only under the then Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder as a spokesman of the SPD board and was later State Secretary in North Rhine-Westphalia. In 2019, the association day chose to the President of the Association Mittelrhein.

Fourth President since 2012

At the DFB, he is after Wolfschang Niersbach, Reinhard Grindel and Fritz Keller already the fourth president since 2012. “To say it clearly and clearly: we have to hold together the store, and there will be no alternative,” Neuendorf had at his idea before the Choice emphasizes. The football should “be in focus”, people are sorry, “in connection with the DFB only of power fighting, quarrels and raids to hear”. This also meant to speak more clearly in political decisions in the sense of football: “Football must resume his social and political responsibility.”

Grunwald elected to the new treasurer

The new treasurer Stephan Grunwald was elected unanimously. The 37-year-old follows Stephan Osnabergge, who had no longer to choose. So far, Grunwald worked as head of the North German football association’s auditors and, among other things, as Vice President Finance at the Schleswig-Holstein Football Association. “I am aware of the size, responsibility and meaning of this task. Only with healthy finances makes the association lead to a successful future,” he said.

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