StarScourge Radahn Boss Guide: How to defeat StarScourge Radahn in the Elden Ring

Among the many bosses, whom players can meet in Elden Ring, only a few are able to cause as much harm and to carry out attacks on a greater extent Star Court Radahn , one of the half gods and the main boss of the Caelid region. After this is said and to help all those who are currently confronted with the legendary warrior, who is now consumed by scarlet red, learn how to defeat StarScourge Radahn in Elden Ring.

First, scare yourself

Before you set Starfar Radahn in the Elden Ring, we advise you to equip your best armor and weapon, considering that too much protection in exchange for movement in this fight is a fool game. The improvement of Godricks Great Rune or Morgotts Great Rune can also work very well. If you use both scarlet and bleeding weapons, you can get a big advantage in combat, as the effects eat up a large part of his health.

How to Defeat StarScourge Radahn in Elden Ring

As soon as the fight starts, they face StarScourge Radahn, which focuses on shooting gravity arrows from afar. Do not focus on going to him, and give priority to the evolution of all your ally. You can avoid the gravity arrows that are shot down by StarScourge Radahn by adazing forward while the arrow wants to meet you. Once you’ve managed to summon at least Blaidd The Half Wolf and Alexander The Warrior Jar, they jump on Torrent and imagine the boss, which will most likely be busy to face the evocation.

ELDEN RING BOSS GUIDES: How To Easily Kill Starscourge Radahn!
In its first phase, StarScourge Radahn will mainly use wide swings and jump attacks to cause massive damage. The attacks can also stun, if they are blocked by a non-large shield. Focus on coming as close as possible to him, and turn out to dodge his beatings when they cause damage. Focus on the use of your arms activity to cause massive damage.

As soon as Radahn’s health drops by 50-70%, he leads its ultimate train, jumps into the air and disappears. If that happens, do not waste time and summon torrent while you ride away from your previous position. As soon as you see Rahahn like a comment or see a bright light on your back, storm forward and make, if necessary, a double jump to escape the explosion. If you are lucky, the explosion may focus on your allies, but do not put on it and focus on the escape. After landing, the boss constantly will use AOE attacks and become extremely aggressive. So concentrate again to stay close while they dodge laterally so that they can get behind him and cause damage. In its second phase, prioritize the defense and focus only on attacking it when it is fully secured.

For those who ask themselves, it is possible as many other bosses in the game to cheese StarScourge Radahn. If you are interested in how it works, look at a few ways to choose StarScourge Radahn.

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