The management of the GTA 5 PS5 controller will allow you to experience the weather and road surfaces

A use of the Dualsense controller that we loved in the Astro game room is the way some levels allow you to feel the sensation of drops of rain in your hands. This is something that developers hesitated to reproduce, then hat in Rockstar for making an extra effort in GTA 5. The next generation remill of the developer seems actually use the full range of the features of the PlayStation 5, Y Including the ability to feel the weather of Los Santos.

Writing on the PlayStation blog, here’s what he specifically said from the innovative PS5 handle: “Feel every moment of action with the adaptive triggers of the Dualsense wireless joystick and the advanced haptic return, giving players the players Possibility of living new sensations such as changes in the road surface. Texture, additional sensations of specific weather effects, directional damage, return of explosions, etc. Great!

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However, support for the unique set of functional features of the new generation console does not stop there. GTA 5 will finally have fast loading times thanks to the SSD, and finally gets the HDR support. The management of 3D audio also interests us, which should help make Los Santos more alive – like the lively city it is. “Listen to the action with extreme precision with Tempest 3D Audiotech, from the accelerator of a stolen supercar, the sound of the shots nearby, the roar of a helicopter above your head, and more. »

It sounds good, then, but we will reserve our judgment until we have taken myself on ourselves – the Trilogy GTA has shaken our confidence in the studio. It’s better to be good, however, because it seems unlikely that there is a free upgrade path for GTA 5 if you already have the title on PS4. We assume that Rockstar would never give up about 50 million additional sales, is not it?

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