Star Wars Eclipse could only appear in 2028: There is too little willing developers

A shake of power acquired us in December 2021. After being in advance again and again rumors , announced the Responsible of Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human) with Star Wars Eclipse An unusual but still extremely exciting project .

Trailer awakens hope

In the course of the announcement there were already chic trailers and wallpapers who wanted to make more. That looks so good and round, which are certainly already busy a while with development, right? Well, actually the chic staged video should not have been produced at Quantic Dream, but at Unit Image (Source).

The development of Eclipse is still entirely in the beginning, which is why developers also stressed in the announcement that they are now looking for the locations in Paris (France) and Montreal (Canada) for example in order to put the course for a successful development.

No dream job despite dream IP?

Star Wars Eclipse BAD NEWS...
And that’s exactly where the bunny seems to be in the pepper. According to industry insider Tom Henderson, several sources claim that Quantic Dream has been having problems for quite some time to find sufficient developers who have bock on the project and meet the requirements. Therefore, the announcement of Star Wars Eclipse should have been a topic as early as it was: you probably had the hope to attract with the great Star-Wars-IP talented people.

This plan has never been up to this plan. On the one hand, because the competition situation in the industry has to be strongly tightened in recent years. In many Games companies staff is considered the most important thing. An issue is also in the German Games Industry – see the last episode of Devplay. Therefore, for example, a Sony $ 1.2 billion is paid extra for the bungie acquisition .

On the other hand, QUANTIC DREAM, similar to various other Games companies, has repeatedly associated with allegations and actions in recent years, in which it was about sexual harassment or, in general, a toxic work environment (source). When employees are courted by several companies, many are certainly for the worker with the better reputation – Star Wars project back and forth.

Release only 2027/2028? Obviously possible

The persistent problems of those responsible at Quantic Dream to find new people, according to Henderson’s sources now affect the planned development cycle of Star Wars Eclipse. If you really wanted to approach the completion after three to four years, it is now more than 2027 or even 2028 in the room, so the insider.

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