Do you need to play visual novel Ghostwire: Tokyo Prelude to play Ghostwire: Tokyo?

The world of Ghostwire: Tokyo was even more expanded with the release of visual novels. Ghostwire: Tokyo Prelude is a short visual novel, which describes in detail about the events preceding the game. How important is the prelude, and do you need to play it before playing in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

No , You do not need to play Ghostwire: Tokyo Prelude to play Ghostwire: Tokyo. For those who really fond of history, visual novel This is a great place to get additional knowledge. It gives detailed information about QC and his team and allows you to see Tokyo before everything disappear.

It is not intended to take something from the main game; This is rather companion. At the same time, you can pass a visual novel about from 30 to 40 minutes , which makes it quite short reading. This is an excellent acquaintance with the world that can help you decide, you will be interested in this story or not.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Prelude Visual Novel – Official Launch Trailer

Prelude is available for PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5 and will be released on the PC on March 8.

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