Tokyo Game Show, Opens Only in 3 Years

This year Tokyo Game Show opens offline. It is offline conversion in three years after 2020 online conversion.

The CESA (Japan Computer Entertainment Software Association) hosting a Tokyo game show declared the 28th, Tokyo Game Show 2022 offline hold. The period is from September 15 (Thursday) to 18th (days), and the place is always the same Chiba Makuhari Mesada. The organizer estimated the number of visitors to 150,000 people.

Tokyo Game Show 2021 VR Expo Walkthrough

Although it opens offline, it is a different way to the previous one as long as the corona 19 is not shaken. Representative is the position of age. Considering the vaccination and concerns, the position of elementary school students is limited. The online program, such as last year, is also maintained, which is a policy that lives the vivid appearance of each booth or stage.

The organizer received a request from a lot of TGS fan or an exhibitor. New information is to be recognized again that new information can be obtained over the Internet, It was two years, “said it was offline. In addition, “Infectious measures will be thoroughly conducted”. “

Meanwhile, the Japanese government has recently relaxed foreign entry regulations. In the meantime, exceptionally allowed foreigners or businesses that have been allowed to be exceptionally accepted by international students, they alleviate new entrys from March 1, and sharpened the isolation period. However, no tourism visual issuance was not allowed.

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