Jens Härtel just lucky about draws in Darmstadt

Because of the Patzer of Bremen, Hamburg and St. Pauli, the lilies against Rostock had the opportunity to recapture the spreadsheet. But the cog shouted the plan and prevented the hard crash on the relegation place through the hard-developed 1: 1. Härtel praised at the press conference after the game the passion of his team, which has “enclosed in every shot and in every header duel. She has no air left, even if we could not defeach everything.”

In fact, Hansa had also revealed weaknesses, as at the 0: 1 after 23 minutes resulting from his own ball loss. It was not the only time that the lilies came to chance. “We’ve not expected Darmstadt not quite as aggressive in the pressing, as they were handy today,” said Härtel and criticized: “We had a couple of simple ball losses.” That’s too many. “

Praise for Prime Minister Sikan

The coach did not like that one has shown too little initiative after the side change. “In the second half I already wished that we get something active out”. Darmstadt had stopped the game control after restart, marriage hurdle changed triple and then out of no compensation by Joker Danylo Sikan fell.

For the 20-year rental of Schachtar Donetsk, the coach had only lobby words: “He was very committed, robust used his body. He brings this something we need in Rostock: Can Kick, but also to work. And he did that very well. ” For the attacker, since January 31 on the Baltic Sea, it was the first hits for the kugge in third time. Whether a starting element will follow soon, Härtel left open. For example, there would be an opportunity next Saturday (13.30 clock) at the home game against the 1st FC Nuremberg.


Generally, in the light of statistical facts (19: 4 goals, better passport, ball possession and battle ratio in favor of the lilies), Härtel seemed satisfied with the point win against Darmstadt: “In all of which, which is still around our goal, which is still around our goal. Should we be totally satisfied with the point. Against a team that is not wrongly there. “

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