Ubisoft employees cite still unresolved concerns

Last updated there is February 17, 2022

Ubisoft tried to move forward with various projects, such as Assassin’s Creed and Skull and Bones. They also tried to go ahead with Ubisoft Quartz, despite the discontent of employees.

And Better Ubisoft, a group of employees of the company that formed from these concerns, notes the lack of willingness of Ubisoft’s management to move forward with workplace issues.. Or even tackle them. According to a tweet sent earlier this week, since July 2021 that Ubisoft has received four requests, and the employees have asked for “_A word to say collective on how ubisoft as a company goes ahead. _ “

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It has been about 200 days since the statement was made. And currently, according to A Better Ubisoft, Ubisoft “_refuser leaders to engage.

Instead, there was an internal satisfaction survey, which was, according to the employees, “vague”. While there had been more than 40 questions and a place where comments could be placed for every1. Subsequently, an internal video was published by the Director of Human Resources of Ubisoft, Anika Grant. This video struck with six points, but none seemed to touch the points that accompanied the petition. Not to mention that the video itself lasted only eight minutes, which was not long enough to cover all the questions and comments of the investigation that could have come from the investigation. The only figures, according to employees, were the scores of participation and commitment.

“In the place of that, there were vague statements like” you told us… “or” We heard about you… “,” “said Better Ubisoft. “This does not give any way to employees whether the assertion that” you have managers who are accessible and who support you “means that 95% thus think or 51%, very different results. We are told in the video that many of the positive responses were “above external references for the general industry” provided by GLINT. But no context has been given for these benchmarks, what they are and what they represent.

According to Grant, the information is still being analyzed and it needs time for, “Croissing to understand the comments of the minority and underrepresented voices.” The employees retorted that this investigation was to be carried out years ago and that the information provided were as follows: “ The legally required and already available age and binary sex data.”

The group of employees seems to be exasperated by the tone of the published statement. And they conclude their statement by: “We have enough to have to explain several times these seemingly obvious points to a management team that is accidentally ignorant, or just who does not want to listen. We continue because we care about our work. We care about people with whom we work, games we create, and we desperately want to repair this company._ “

There have already been many employees who have already gone in recent years. In the current state of things, Ubisoft employees may go beyond the signing of letters or statements on Twitter – they can end up tracking the Raven Software Quality Assurance Department – Route – That is, leaving and ensuring that the games they love remain incomplete..

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