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Start from Final Fantasy 14 containing the denouement of the story that led 10 years a new expansion pack, “The End of hyowol” smiled the final domestic release date to May 10. In this expansion pack will be complete story about an axis yirwotdeon high Medellin and Jody arc side, yihuen is picked entered a new phase.

Actozsoft 12 days, to open the 2022 final fantasy 14 digital fan festival unveiled more information about the End of hyowol. We Actozsoft Choi, Jung introduced the new content that is added to the Square Enix Naoki Yoshida, the PD is the expansion pack to oversee the development of implementation is released only domestic factors, such as PC room benefits.

As stated earlier hyowol End of finishing the story led for 10 years, and exposes many secrets unrevealed meantime. Yoshida PD are all questions that “why apocalypse occurred in ancient times, how high Medellin and Jody arc, Galle say Empire I, jenoseu and Mistress yen, what is the purpose of the par Danielle, what’s the moon, etc. remain far dont expect the pool shall said. ” The main character is a greener syuno Le Vere oil, appeared this time articles Estee Niang for joining the clan of dawn and his Brit for me, jenoseu such as Al Pino, Ali, the brother and sister and their father, with the transfer (user) of the protagonist light do.

In addition to featuring new areas such as metropolitan Old chalet Ian, apseun the variegated colors of new cities, but in the basement called bright new field with artificial sun fishy Toth, the new field four Venetian uh island rainforest lush advocating an academic city. In addition, the state also revealed areas’ sea of ​​grief “in a month this week the expansion stage. Yoshida PD is “to think he would’ve heard lots of stories about the existing town of Charleville Ian is dinge finally to the city,” said hinted that the digging elements in the story enemies.

With this demo version it will open a new gonando Reid umwa rise of a new mythology Jea Union Reid. In that he said Yoshida PD is “dig for the presence of God 12 present in the climb Jea” for climb the myth of ZE. In addition, it is added, such as additional Quest, Quest role, making and chaechip Quest with the main quest.

Where Is The Comma In

At a maximum level of 80 Starting with this expansion, it increased to 90. Here it is added to the sage and ripper new job. Sage is a healer using the tool as a weapon hyeonhak holds a healing drink utilizing a protective film. In addition, it is possible to temporarily strengthen the magic with hyeonhak tools. Then Ripper melee better job writing the hands, showcasing the attack with summoning the Avatar or Avatar to fuse with stylish action. Two vocational Start Level 70 Sage and starts a career under the Quest only four, Ripper Ramsar cry. Here are two men Viera add new races, he said LA Los teach women also being prepared.

Yoshida PD for the End of hyowol explained the move aimed inherited whilst the flow of the day. He said, “The rise of new knowledge in the new morning, the issue of changchyeon garde is the day of Changchun, the Blood Storm glow Raven Rebels of hongryeon was pitch black of night. And the End of hyowol is the dawn of hyowol (Dawn Moon), “he said. More than a day and means to once again greet the dawn, he explained that out after also ready for the next 10 years.

As a part of this dinomineyisyeon reduce the number of display units, etc. My boss stamina, damage the game. Final Fantasy 14 comes after the service whilst excessively increased the number units. The parties have approximately the last pitch of the reflected reference enemies max HP has reached 10,004 $ 240 thousand. Thus, if you increase the unit can lead to problems such as optimization, reliability explained that lowers the overall numbers. But he stressed that not been the only character performance varies less units being displayed.

In addition, the trust is for the article Estee Niang joins as a new member in the (signed the NPC and the party system capable of challenging dungeons), and the larger the burden on jangbichang compared to the utilization of evaluation waist equipment is deleted, assigned to the waist equipment which was jangbichang dog 35 are respectively assigned to the primary arms 15 each with a ring. 5 Remaining explained that ahkkyeodun for the future. Is preparing to finally deserted island, which one can decorate each user is given a desert island development, new housing area issues garde, new small-scale PvP, etc.

Finally Choi, Jung said in a mounting for a major domestic issues. First it is enhanced PC room benefits. First and paying points up to 20 points PC room, PC room, shops Point: adds a “smoke textbook Omega attitude. Then the battle, and you can use the collected, the decision of experience to the production level 79 is added to the rare vehicles titania ears Berger, Berger Innocence your PC. Then it comes the proceeds of such advance booking from 14 days Expansion Pack Limited Collector’s Edition.

The End Domestic services related details of Final Fantasy 14 is hyowol to Choi, Jung is available at Mount interviews.

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