Star Wars: Knights of Ren: Fake or Real? Thats behind the trailer leak (4K

The big puzzle is over: The supposedly leaked trailer for Knight of Ren turns out to actually be an excellent fan work. On YouTube, the Creators have revealed their motivation behind the project. We also get a lot of insight into the creative process and learn how real filmed scenes and homemade costumes were cleverly combined with elaborate effects to create the perfect illusion. You can see the interesting Behind-The-Scenes post here. In addition, the trailer has been released in fuller 4K resolution, so you do not need you longer with the filmed version settle. You will find the new trailer below in this news.

original message of 14 January 2021: Fake or not, that is the question. E in new, supposedly geleakter Star Wars trailer has appeared on the network and ensures among fans for lively guesswork. The video is from an unannounced project called “Knights of Ren: A Star Wars Story” originate. In the comment column many fans express their doubts about the authenticity of the video. At the same time, many acknowledge that the video has got quality and atmospheric enormous – should it really be a fake, it would at least extremely well d1. The filmed video may teasert to a still secret serial or a movie in the Star Wars universe, which deals with the Knights of Ren. We have the YouTube video linked here for you. (UPDATE: Now available in 4K resolution!)

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LEAKED Knights of Ren Trailer - REAL OR FAKE?
The one-minute appetizer begins with the familiar Lucasfilm logo, and then lets a sinister voice off sound “. Fear… fear leads to anger” We see a volcanic landscape, which is possibly could to the iconic planet Mustafar act (here was the battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker held later Darth Vader had his stronghold there). An X-Wing flies in the sky along followed by a TIE fighter. Mid-flight increases someone covered by a mask from the cockpit of the imperial hunter, one wrapped in black robes shape the face.

“Anger leads to hate.” The robes carrier ignites a red light a sword and jumps effortlessly by the TIE-Fighter over to the X-Wing. He brings out the blow, the blade bores into the shell of the rebel airman can be heard from the frantic radio messages.

“And hate… leads to power.”

In the last shot we see the burning wreckage of the X-Wings are on the ground. The black figure emerges again triumphantly she climbs the remains of the spacecraft, in each hand a red lightsaber. In the background we see a Star Destroyer at cloudy sky, a TIE fighter flies over the power gifted away – fade to black. Then the message “The Knights of Ren – Star Wars Story” and at the end of the familiar logo of Disney +.

What do you think? Has been here a new movie or a new series leaked? Or is it just a well-made fake or a fan project? Makes you your own judgment and tell us what you think!

Who are the Knights of Ren?

Kylo Ren was temporarily the leader of the Knights of Ren Source: Disney The Knights of Ren were a kind of cult of Force-sensitive individuals who the Dark Side of the Force had conspired. During the ascent of the first order took Kylo Ren leadership of the group, later she was under the command of Palpatine. Six Knights first appeared in Star Wars: Episode 7 – The awakening of power and were finally in Episode 9: The Rise destroyed Skywalker from their former leader Ben Solo. Their ideology aimed to hunt down the Jedi and destroy them. About their exact number of members is unknown.

A return of Kylo Ren way, is not excluded. Just recently, actor Adam Driver had stated that he would be willing in principle to play the role again. Even Kathleen Kennedy has stressed that she would like to bring back some Sequel characters like Rey, Poe and Finn.

Source: Youtube



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