Effenbergs wide side against Borussia

He was exhausted and tired and no longer have the power to further shape the shears of Borussia Mönchengladbach, Eberl had announced in an emotional press conference on Thursday. For the reaction of the association to Eberl’s words at this press conference, Stefan Effenberg now expressed itself as a TV expert on Sunday in the double pass at Sport1.

I was trying to turn Eberl, Rolf had replied Kings, Borussia had finally “respected, but not accepted” the decision of the manager. These words of the 80-year-old entrepreneur, certainly came over a little emotionless, but they brought Effenberg powerful to the palm.

“These statements were catastrophic,” Effenberg scolded “that’s disappointing that.” Therefore, the ex-professional in the direction of King, “he has nothing to look for in a leadership position”.

Intern, the emphasized Stressed Borussia’s Vice-President Rainer Bonhof on Sunday, Königs have expressed himself differently, the cutouts of the press conference did not play the true mood.

Gladbach-Boss in Causa Eberl
The entrepreneur Königs born in Mönchengladbach has belonged to the board since 1999 and has been Borussia’s President since 2004.

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